[Editor’s Note: the video in this post contains obscenity]

Last week, at a press conference following the Los Amigos meeting, Donna Acevedo led a press conference claiming “Working-Class Anaheim Neighborhoods Say “Enough” To Police Brutality and Harassment.”

Leaving aside the question of whether Ms. Acevedo and the half-dozen other participants can legitimately claim to speak for the working-class Anaheim neighborhoods, one of Ms. Acevedo’s demands was “a respectful dialogue with the new leadership of the department.”

Is this video an example of “respectful dialogue” she hopes to have?:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYSXCjl4BgE&w=420&h=315]

Wow – thank you for modeling “respectful dialogue”: stalking Anaheim police officer Kelly Phillips in his minivan at a carwash, calling him a “murderer” and dropping f-bombs.

The urbane, articulate videographer is some guy who uses the YouTube handle “Sinnah Back.” He’s a collaborator of Donna Acevedo’s (you can see her next to the back SUV at about the 40 second mark -“Sinnah” is asking her “where’s the other one at?”

Sinnah Back’s YouTube channel is full of pretty boring videos of him filming Anaheim police (usually in the company of Ms. Acevedo) – and videos of himself hopping freight trains (these are much more popular). Sinnah’s videos are accompanied by written and verbal commentary suggesting the police are going to shoot him down at any moment, adding a strong odor of paranoia to his videos. In the video above, was Sinnah rolling tape in order to deter the police from gunning down car wash customers?

Ask yourself: how would the average Anaheim resident react to this video? Would he or she think it strengthens or undercuts the credibility of claiming to want a “respectful dialogue” with the Anaheim police? Would he or she want city council policy about policing and the police department driven by these individuals?

It’s hard to take demands for “respectful dialogue” seriously when those making the demands practice the opposite.

[UPDATE: I posted a link to this post on Orange Juice Blog, buuuuut…it must not fit OJB proprietor Vern Nelson’s narrative, so he deleted it. That isn’t surprising, given Vern’s refusal to link to this blog, lest his own distorted view of Anaheim reality be subjected to an unflattering comparison.]