I posted the other day about the radical manifesto issued by Donna Castro Acevedo and Genevieve Huizar, calling on “the people of Southern California” to descend on Anaheim on July 21 to honor last year’s Anaheim riots and proclaim the struggle against the “epidemic of police brutality” and the racist power structure. I guess it’s still 1969 in some corners of the universe.

Among those joining in proletarian solidarity with Huizar and Acevedo is the Worker Student Alliance, UC Irvine Chapter. Here is their logo:

WSA logo
That’s an M-14 automatic rifle in the logo. Not exactly a peace sign.

Which befits a radical left-wing group that seems to spend all of its time struggling against this and struggling against that. Struggling and struggles are very big on the Left.

According to the Worker Student Alliance blog:

The Worker-Student Alliance (WSA) is an organization that actively fights inequality through multi-racial, anti-sexist, working class solidarity. We put on political events on campus and outreach to middle and high school students in working-class communities. WSA has organized with food service and landscaping workers for the explicit purpose of ending UCI’s racist and super-exploitative outsourcing. We speak out against wars fought for profit and stop our youth from sacrificing themselves and killing their working-class brothers and sisters around the world through active counter-military recruitment.

WSA fights not just garden variety exploitative outsourcing, but super-exploitative outsourcing. I didn’t realize there were gradations of exploitation.

Among WSA’s recent struggles: the struggle against the super-exploitation of landscape workers:

The Struggle Continues…

After a full year of political struggle across four UC campuses—Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Berkley [sic], and Irvine—workers and students forced the state to approve an estimated $8.5 million to improve the working conditions of the UC’s most exploited service workers. This effort consisted of numerous rallies, petitions, letters to the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor, banner droppings, a storming of the administration building. Only after a year did the state approve the funds necessary to in-house the workers. Included in these funds was the money necessary for the insourcing of our own Commercial Landscaping Service (CLS) Workers.

Sure, on one hand these kids sound like the middle-class socialist brat in the old Oingo Boingo song “Capitalism.” No doubt, apologists for this crusade against lawful authority will try to dismiss it as such. But little socialists tend to grow up to be big socialists, and after graduation go on to get jobs as union and community organizers. Their ideology and rhetoric seems archaic and silly to the Average Joe and Jane, but this is the basic philosophy animating the coalition of left-wing activists and groups attempting to push a range of policies on Anaheim. These are the kind of folks for whom the passing of an oppressive thug like Hugo Chavez was an occasion for sadness.

Huizar and Acevedo haven’t disavowed their association with these radicals or their beliefs. As time goes by, it stands to reason they share their radical world-view.