“Graffiti is Art. It Doesn’t Even Count.”

“Sinnah Back is the nom-du-video taken by a comrade of Donna Acevedo. Sinnah back runs around taking video of Anaheim police officers in the course of their duties, accompanied by running commentary that is generally derogatory and often obscene.

Here is one from a weeks ago, titled “Officer offend community member by saying playground looks l” [sic] — a title that says more about Sinnah Back perception of reality than the reality depicted in the video.

It’s long and mostly boring, but I’ve excerpted an interesting exchange between Donna Acevedo, and unidentified woman with her and an Anaheim police officer.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfLo9JHrBmo]

What does the officer say that Sinnah Back finds offensive? He points the graffiti on the walls and the awful condition of the little playground/lawn, makes the obvious and true observation that people should want better for their children, and encourages Acevedo and her comrades to get people together to fix it up instead of just pointing fingers.

Acevedo initially signals her general agreement but as the conversation wears on, she and her companion grow increasingly defensive about the squalor. When the officer notes the ubiquity of graffiti and points out a particularly obscene graffiti while asking if they’d like their kids to be around that, Acevedo’s friend gets upset and objects that “Graffiti is a non-violent crime” (as if that is some kind of excuse) and follows up with this gem:

“Graffiti is art. It doesn’t even count.”

Not, “Yes, officer, you are absolutely right. This is squalor and children shouldn’t have to play in it, least of all with obscenities scrawled on the wall.” She just shot right back with “Graffiti is art. it doesn’t even count.”

And no correction or contrary response from Acevedo.


  1. Sick of politics

    I don’t even know how to respond to that.

  2. Sick of politics

    It is vandalism John Doe.

    • Both of you Hush. Graffiti is art don’t you think that is what murals are? When making a mural you use the same materials used to do graffiti. Just because one of them is under city permission an the other one is not it is consider graffiti??

  3. Matthew Cunningham

    I hate to break it to you, but scrawling or painting or otherwise defacing someone else property is called vandalism. It’s against the law. it doesn’t matter how good the graffiti is. If I painted a reproduction of DaVinci’s “The Last Supper” on the side of someone’s house without their permission, that would be vandalism — regardless of how beautiful the painting was.

    Didn’t anyone ever teach you to respect other people’s property (the corollary of which is they will respect yours)? That’s a basic rule of being a good person.

  4. Sick of politics

    Exactly Matthew. Perhaps if I etched out a nice drawing with my keys on Doe’s car, he would understand.

  5. Sick of politics

    Funny, I don’t see any murals or nice paintings when I’m calling for graffiti removal.

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