As I’ve noted, it seems the unions and their allies will make any claim in their struggle against the capitalists running The Honda Center.

Three weeks ago, the OC Labor Federation (echoed by UNITE-HERE and the gullible Cynthia Ward) falsely claimed The Honda Center was laying off Aramark workers and bringing food service in-house in order to claim the Anaheim Enterprise Zone job tax credit. The Voice of OC and other media recklessly echoed the claim, which could have been easily proven false with a phone call to The Honda Center.

I saw this doozy on the OCCORD Facebook page:

OCCORD illogic


Huh? OCCORD  is implying the EZ is somehow responsible for the lay-offs. That claim makes as much logical sense as saying, “The city-owned Honda Center is located in Anaheim’s enterprise zone, and last week Fleetwood Mac played at the Honda Center!”, implying that the former cause the latter.