A special closed session of the Anaheim City Council has been called for Monday at 1:00 p.m. to discuss appointment of a permanent City Attorney:

City Attorney closed session

Ralph Andersen & Associates is the executive recruitment firm the city contracted to conduct the city attorney recruitment. Interim City Attorney Michael Houston is apparently interested in the position and city hall watchers consider him the frontrunner for the appointment.

Houston is a partner in the law firm of Cummins & White, which was contracted to provide the interim city attorney following the departure of City Attorney Christina Talley. During the last three months, Houston has provided the city with sound legal advice and shown himself to be professional, unflappable, impartial and even-handed. He is a top-shelf lawyer and will continue to be City Attorney should he be appointed permanently.

The usual rabble-rousers exploited Talley’s departure to engage in racial politics, highlighting the previously unmentioned fact that she is a Latina and even hinting her exit could lead to more rioting (something Donna Acevedo, Genevieve Huizar and a cavalcade of left-wingers seem to be doing their level best to achieve).