Watching the Tuesday’s Anaheim council meeting from the comfort of my home, I noticed how Mayor Tom Tait repeatedly invoked the phrase “Let the people vote” like a magical incantation.

That was pretty much the sum and substance of his argument (aside from practically saying the city should do the ACLU’s job for it and capitulate to the litigation it is waging on behalf of the mayor’s buddy Jose Moreno). It’s not only shallow, it’s hooey.

The mayor and his allies demanded the City Council place the Citizen Advisory Committee recommendations on the ballot. One of those recommendations was a ballot question to the voters asking if they want to keep electing the council at-large.

But Mayor Tait didn’t want to “let the people” vote on that, so the CAC recommendation that he opposed was ignored when draft ballot resolutions were brought back for a vote on Tuesday — wouldn’t want to take this “let the people vote” thing too far.

After his ballot proposals were rejected by 3-2, Councilwoman Kris Murray moved to let the people vote on residency-based districts and whether they wanted to expand the council to six members.

Mayor Tait was the only “no” vote.

So much for “letting the people vote” which obviously applies only to measure supported by the Mayor and his friends on the Left.