Lots o’ stuff on the Anaheim City Council agenda today. of course, the budget will be taken up and possibly adopted (there’ll probably be some drama now that the Voice of OC has tossed a stink bomb because it is somehow adverse to Latino residents to fund renovations of the Anaheim Tennis Center. Apparently, everything is to be made about ethnicity. How progressive.

New City Attorney?
The appointment of a permanent city attorney is on the agendas of both the 1:30 p.m. and regular closed session agendas. Last week’s city attorney appointment was on the agenda of last week’s closed session. Since that went all afternoon, it means the council was interviewing candidates. It stands to reason the 1:30 p.m. closed session is probably either final interviews or final negotiations, with the final job offer coming at the regular closed session. if so, we’ll find out tonight.

[There is a consent calendar item to extend the Cummins & White contract for interim city attorney services starting July 1, but this is most likely a contingency item just in case the council cannot reach agreement today on who to hire as the permanent city attorney. Cannot discuss anything unless it is agendized, and since the next council meeting isn’t until July 2, they would be in a fix if a city attorney is not hired today.]

Charter Review Committee Appointments
The deadline to apply for the Charter Review Committee was the close-of-business on June 13. Tonight, the city council will appoint the Charter Review Committee today. Each councilmember gets one appointment. Those five members will, in turn, appoint two at-large members from the pool of applicants.

36 Anaheim residents applied for appointments:

1) Adelekan, Pat
2) Alvarez, Juan
3) Ament, Todd
4) Bengochea, Ron
5) Chuchua, Brian
6) Crow , Byran
7) Day, Sandra
8) Diaz, David
9) Dunn, Thomas E.
10) Edinger, Amanda
11) Elwell, John
12) Estep, Bill
13) Faessel, Stephen
14) Farrow, Craig
15) Flores, Cecilia
16) Hall, Ryan
17) Hines, Theresa
18) Jensen, Madeline Rae
19) Kott, Paul
20) Larsen, Larry
21) Lodge, Steve Chavez
22) Ma’ae,Gloria
23) John, Machiaverna,
24) McCracken, Shirley
25) Medrano, Ernesto
26) Mueller, Phyllis
27) Noteboom, Frances
28) Olesen, Keith
29) Perez. Claudia
30) Porretta, Heather
31) Postma, William
32) Pringle, Curt
33) Rodarte, Veronica
34) Shimogawa, Teresa
35) Sigala, Maria
36) Varnum, Dennis