Honda Center Set To Debut In-House Food Service

This came over the transom from The Honda Center:

The Arena’s Newest Division Aims To Provide ‘A Great Experience’ To Guests and Staff

ANAHEIM, Calif. (June 27, 2013) – Anaheim Arena Management (AAM), the management company of Honda Center in Anaheim, has announced that they have officially transitioned the food & beverage operations of the venue in-house.  

“We are thrilled to launch this new division of our organization, and are confident we can take our food & beverage service to new heights,” said Tim Ryan, President and CEO of Honda Center. “Our guests expect a world-class entertainment experience when visiting our venue and improving our food and beverage services will go a long way toward meeting that goal.”

Julie Margolin joined the Honda Center team this May as the arena’s Director of Food & Beverage. Margolin will oversee the operation of the venue’s concessions, premium and suite service, as well as The Grand Terrace, a 15,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor entertainment space slated to open this fall. The transition includes the introduction of a number of new concession items and concepts, along with roaming concession sales at select events. Additionally, the venue recently announced that a full-service Wolfgang Puck restaurant will open on the main level of the arena later this year. In order to support the new operation, AAM has finalized the hiring of more than 700 new food & beverage employees.

“The enthusiasm surrounding our new food and beverage program at Honda Center continues to grow,” said Margolin. “The response to our employment opportunities was tremendous, and I am confident that we have selected a staff that will truly place guest service above all else.”

Honda Center began the food and beverage recruitment process on May 14, with more than 3,000 applicants scheduling interviews for positions. It has since finalized the hiring of more than 700 new employees to support the venue’s new in-house operation. The number is a 34% increase in the number of food and beverage positions and a net gain of 191 jobs, many of which will serve to improve the quality and speed of customer service.

A private enterprise creates employment opportunities for others in the course of improving the experience of its customers. As a reward for this virtuous work, the elected leaders of the State of California kick The Honda Center in the head.

No wonder California is the Sick Man of America.

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  1. Shame on Honda Center

    If you don’t see something wrong with laying off 400 employees then something is wrong with you. I along with many of my coworkers have been there for years but Tim Ryan wants to lie and say they encouraged us to apply.

  2. Sick of politics

    What is your response to the numerous complaints about horrible service?

  3. soon to be homeless

    I worked by ass off for the Honda Center and the suite holders for several years. When AAM refuses to return calls or properly interview the existing employees is an injustice. I now have to look at my disabled husband who cant work and my 3 special needs kids (one with a severe heart condition) and explain to them, that we may soon be living in our car. Sound far. There are changes in management companies everyday that dont let 400 employees go.

  4. Sick of Politics

    I certainly don’t want to see anyone homeless nor do I want to see people lose their jobs. But there was a disconnect somewhere. People have consistently complained about bad service. I’m not directing that at you. Merely asking what you expect a company to do after numerous complaints about the same issue.

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