Brandman Appoints Ernesto Medrano to Charter Review Committee

I’ve learned that Councilman Jordan Brandman has appointed Ernesto Medrano to the Charter Review Committee.

Medrano is the political director of Teamsters Local 952 (the Orange County local) and a flatlands resident.

Brandman’s first appointee was former Mayor Curt Pringle to the CRC, but Pringle later withdrew earlier this week.

[Apologies for the brevity of the post. I’m typing on an iPhone.]

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  1. Why did the council even bother to ask for citizens to apply if they were going to appoint whomever? This guy was not on the list of applicants.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Read the list again.

      • Matthew Cunningham

        But to your original (factually incorrect) criticism: you don’t have a problem with the council placing a requirement on applicants after the fact, so you don’t have much room for complaining about changing the rules in the middle of the game.

  2. You have me confused with the other Ryan. But you are right I missed that one.

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