Medical Pot Spokesman: Anaheim Political Efforts “Moving Fast”

Last Thursday, I posted about the recent opening of a new political committee, “Anaheim Safe Access”, the goal of which is  “to implement a plan to provide for the safe and affordable distribution of cannabis to all Anaheim patients in medical need.”

I e-mailed and left a voice message for Jason Ryan Thompson of Thompson Advocacy, who is spearheading this effort. Mr. Thompson e-mailed a reply to me on Friday night:

I would be happy to answer your questions at a later time.  Things are moving fast and the group is not prepared to make a statement just yet.  I will be happy to answer your questions sometime within the next two weeks, though.  

I shall keep our readers posted.

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  1. Great – the city finally cleaned out these sham businesses and these yahoos are going to come in and try to convince residents in Anaheim that it’s all about helping those in pain. They are going to fail – we are not fooled after living for years with these “medical” dispensaries selling pot to our kids and opening up in our neighborhoods. These are for profit, cash-only businesses and nothing more – stay out of Anaheim!

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