Sen. Bob Huff on State’s Gutting of Enterprise Zones

State Senator Bob Huff, the Senate Republican Leader who represents much of Anaheim in the legislature, released this video commentary on the state legislature’s passage last week of a bill to gut California’s Enterprise Zone program:

[youtube] Kudos to Senator Huff to standing up for what had been one of the few remaining economic development tools, which has now been gutted to feed the Sacramento spending beast.

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  1. Thanks Senator Huff. But this blog needs to post comments from the other Anaheim Legislators, who thought it would be good to screw Anaheim businesses in order to fulfill Gov Jerry Brown’s plan to bring more money to the state’s budget. By eliminating local zones, more money goes to the state.

    So ask Assemblyman Tom Daly, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva, Assemblyman Curt Hagman and Senator Lou Correa, why they voted to screw local businesses and local workers, so that the state could keep more money.

  2. Thank you Senator Huff for your constant leadership on economic development in the State of California. We are so fortunate to have you represent Anaheim. I wish the majority of our remaining state representatives had your strength, foresight and courage to do what is right for the city, even when it’s not always politically advantageous.

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