Marcie Edwards Appointed Permanent City Manager

Marcie Edwards

Marcie Edwards

Reporting out of the closed session at the end of the Anaheim City Council meeting that the council unanimously appointed interim City manager Marcie Edwards to be the permanent City Manager.

After her appointment as interim city manager, Edwards (the long-time head of the city’s large public utilitiy) had previously indicated she was not interested in seeking the permanent position – but obviously changed her mind.

Congratulations and bon chance to Ms. Edwards on her appointment as CM of the great City of Anaheim!

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  1. Good news for the city of Anaheim. Congratulations Marcie.

  2. Stand For Anaheim

    Great news for Anaheim. Hopefully stability will reign on the 7th floor. Next line of business is the police chief appointment. Thereafter….OUSTING MISHAL MONTGOMERY.

  3. The city is very fortunate to have Marcie at the helm. I know nobody with higher morals, ethics or integrity. Congratulations to Marcie and the City of Anaheim.

  4. reasonableguy2

    I know that Anaheim utilities are considered to be first-class, so I think this is probably a great move for our City.

  5. Wonderful!!! Very nice lady and certainly the most capable. The city is in good hands.

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