Jason Young’s “Save Anaheim” PAC Packs It In

Jason Young

Jason Young

Since last summer, former Anaheim resident and political irritant Jason Young has used his “Save Anaheim” political committee to buy print ads in the Anaheim Bulletin and the Anaheim Hills News leveling venomous, dishonest, truth-twisting attacks against essentially every member of the Anaheim City Council except Mayor Tom Tait.

Jason Young regularly issued dark warnings of the terrifying reign of doom and political hellfire was preparing to unleash against the objects of his obsessive ire, but the end result was far more hat than cattle.

Still, with the beginnings of the 2014 election season upon us, I was surprised to see on the Anaheim City Clerk website that on July 1, Young filed a Form 410 terminating his Save Anaheim committee.

He also filed the Form 460 for the January 1 through June 30 period. The committee’s final exertions amounted to $4,039.87, funded by contributions from Jason Young himself, plus dinero from Brian Chuchua and Amin David. He used that mighty war-chest to buy a print ad (attacking the GardenWalk project, I believe), buy political data from Political Data, and give himself a little refund.

Why is Jason Young packing in his PAC? Who knows, really? Perhaps Jason Young was overcome with a realization of the expensive futility of his thrashings. Either way, good riddance.


  1. Sick of politics

    Good riddance!

  2. Wish we could believe this is the last we will hear from him – like a bad virus, he’s likely to come back again in a slightly more harmful way. With any luck he found out these activities violate his probation and he’s been warned by his parole officer to stop.

  3. Chuchua took a handful of public comment speaker cards at 4pm and gave them to his crowd at 4:50 pm to circumvent the order but the city clerk called speakers in order received not by order of numbers on cards so he was not successful at rearranging order of speakers. They always tryto find a way to cheat just so they can feel good about themselves.

    • Who are “they” just curious?

      As for good riddance – somewhat premature considering a pending ruling from a judge.
      I’m reminded of the lyric “we’ve only just begun”.

  4. Sick of Politics

    And how does the ruling affect Young’s

  5. Anaheim Avenger

    Has anyone else noticed that the SAVEANAHEIM blog is gone – **poof** – no more. Not at the .com, .net, .org nothing. Same is true of the Take Back Anaheim sites – although their facebook page is still active.

  6. Thank you so much Matt… as an Immigrant I will try to commit it all to memory.

  7. how many victims? w many culprits?

    Maybe a prominent Plaintiff’s lawyer advised the Mayor to remove evidence of Jason Young? Speaking of which, did Jason Young just pretend to be something he is not so as to manipulate me at the behest of Tom Tait and all those affiliated under his schemes? I really don’t know because I was introduced to his purported boyfriend at the house Young purportedly rented in Fullerton. Then again, the conduct is obviously a modes operandi for Tait’s agents. Such tactics, deployed over and over again, are deliberately designed to cause harm and dramatically change the life course of the target/victim. But that classification omits the known probability of collateral damage. Like entrusting a firearm to a toddler with a criminal record, the systemic use of psychological attacks by Tait’s agents is done without any concern for the likelihood of harm done to individuals and the community-at-large. Also, all this malicious theater must be expensive to pull-off. How many people have felt, do feel, personally victimized by Tom Tait and his agents? Tait’s political operation may be of some value to persons seeking office or an organization seeking political favor, but does it also expose those contracting parties to untold, potentially limitless, liability?

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