Judge Franz Miller has continued the stay on the ACLU lawsuit against the City of Anaheim (Moreno v Anaheim) until July 30. My understanding it is to give the city more time to implement the ordinance creating residency-based, at-large council districts.

That is good news for Anaheim, bad news for the campaign to carve the city into multiple ethnic fiefdoms. I guess Judge Miller doesn’t necessarily agree with the OCCORD/UNITE-HERE slogan that these are “fake” districts.

UPDATE:here’s the statement from the City of Anaheim about the judge’s decision:


ANAHEIM, Calif. (July 9, 2013) Today, in the case Moreno v. City of Anaheim, Judge Franz Miller of the Orange County Superior Court held a status conference to review the City of Anaheim’s proposals and timelines to consider changing the City’s electoral system. Included today was a discussion of recent Anaheim City Council action to adopt an ordinance to immediately create residency districts for City Council elections, and to place proposed charter amendments before the voters regarding residency based districts, as well as an increase in the size of the City Council from four to six on the June 2014 ballot.

After listening to both sides, including a description of the ordinance and proposed charter amendment for residency districts and the proposed charter amendment to increase the size of the City Council, the Court further stayed any proceedings until July 30. The purpose of this stay is to provide the Anaheim City Council time to act on the second reading of the residency district ordinance at the July 23 City Council meeting, so that it would be adopted in final form. On July 30, the Judge will hold a status conference to again determine whether to entertain a further stay, potential dismissal, or consider setting a trial date and scheduling hearings on the other pending motions.

ANOTHER UPDATE: OK, not really. Just a link to this Orange Juice Blog post about Judge Miller’s decision. There’s some amusement value in reading Greg Diamond being schooled by some of the OC Weekly crew as he tries desperately to act as if he knows anything about Anaheim politics (which he doesn’t being a newcomer to OC politics with little institutional knowledge). For example, I enjoyed Greg flailing about trying to latch onto an explanation of why Richard Chavez was elected in 2002.