Anti-Police Radicals Prepare to Storm Anaheim

On May 31, I posted about a march being organized by Donna Acevedo, Genevieve Huizar and a motley collection of radical left-wingers and anti-police agitators for July 21.

The purpose: to commemorate the Anaheim riots of last summer; or as the extremist screed signed by Huizar and Acevedo put it, the “historic community mobilizations against the scourge of police brutality.” Somehow,  doubt the innocent business owners whose property was vandalized and destroyed remember it the same way.

I checked the website for an update on the march:

On July 21, 2012 Anaheim police murdered Manuel Diaz while he was surrendering and following police orders. He was shot in the head in front of his community. In response to the outrageous (and common) murder, community members began peaceful gathering outside their homes. The Anaheim police responded with extreme violence, unleashing attack dogs and shooting life-threatening munitions on babies, small children, elderly and everybody in range.

The video of the cowardly attack was quickly seen by millions worldwide, sparking emergency protests at the Anaheim Police Headquarters. On July 22, the Anaheim police murdered Joel Acevedo, further stoking the anger in the community. In the following days, thousands of people rose up against the scourge of police violence. Historic protests shook Anaheim for days. Though ultimately the city heavily militarized the police to repress the movement with violence and intimidation, it brought the struggle against police brutality to a national stage, and laid the foundations for future struggle. 

Now, on the 1 year anniversary of the murder of Manuel Diaz (which set of this chain of events), scores of families of police brutality victims (including the mothers of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo) are calling on people of conscious all over California to unite for a mass march in Anaheim. Only a people’s movement can turn the tide against the epidemic of police brutality. 

Keep in mind this sort of thinking is symptomatic of the activists who are accorded “community spokesperson” status by the Voice of OC and others. Does Cynthia Ward still stand with Huizar and Acevedo on this stuff?

Here’s the flyer for the march:

answerla anaheim march

It’s revealing that symbolism and art of this sort is inspiring to the people involved with this march; they want more of this kind of anti-law enforcement attitude and behavior.

The riot-celebration march plan has changed since May, when it was planned to start at Little People’s Park and end at Disneyland. Apparently, that much marching, shouting and fist-shaking might sap the energies of these revolutionaries, so now the march will go from City Hall to the Police Department.

The cavalcade of anarchists and left-wing revolutionaries – such as the Worker Student Alliance, the Party for Socialism and Liberation and the National Lawyers Guild (a Communist party front group) — is still there.

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  1. Sick of Politics

    We spent over 1 million last year on their riots, all while residents complain that council doesn’t spend money on the poorest neighborhoods. How much taxpayer money will we spend on this one?

  2. These anarchists/communists don’t even live in Anaheim. They just want publicity for that “poor” gang banger who was kicked out of his own mother’s house because even she didn’t want him there. If the business owners have any balls they will stand up to these thugs with whatever means they can.

  3. Are you kidding me… He was shooting at the police after ditching a car he stole. They returned fire, he missed first after shooting at police first, they had a better aim. Meanwhile his brother is in prison… Question is mom, while you parade around with radicals, where were you when your boys needed you as a role model. You sure are not one now nor were you! Your sister saw the gun in your son’s hand. You agreed and then a few weeks later you found a great lawyer, or did they find you? Tell the truth and don’t fill peoples heads of lies! You are an awful person….

  4. Genevieve Huizar, Donna Acevedo and Teresa Smith initiated the upcoming July 21st illegal assembly and although they changed locations due to my public comments about drug dealers at Little People’s Park, I doubt they will keep rioters from going there. Children have a right to play and peacefully enjoy Little People’s Park free from threat of gangbanging and disruption from illegal assemblies or riots. Arrest them for initiating this if this results in damage to property or other crimes. It is the responsibility of Mayor Tait to redirect their energy away from causing disturbances and to removing their gang members and drug dealers from Anaheim’s Parks and neighborhoods.

  5. The people who will be attending are anarchists, communists, and other anti-police groups, not just from California, but from all corners of the US.

    Thank you, Ms. Huizar and Ms. Acevedo, for successfully raising two very hardened criminal sons and unleashing them upon society and our community. Your evil ways continue when you invite these outside radicals into our community over and over again. The good people of Anaheim and the surrounding cities do not welcome your kind. Relocate please.

  6. It’s impossible to miss Cynthia Ward’s silence on this. She was happy to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Huizar and Acevedo and support them at that press conference.

    Now that this blog has exposed their close ties to truly radical forces, Ward is nowhere to be found.

    Well, Cynthia? Do you still think these two speak for the community? Do you still support their agenda?

  7. I have an idea – perhaps if Curt Pringle championed these gang members, Cynthia Ward and Tom Tait would stop supporting them! Too bad Curt Pringle has a moral character that prevents his involvement with this group or their supporters.

  8. Former Mayor Curt Pringle would never support these radicals let alone have them as honored guests at his fundraisers. Let’s just hope and pray this LA based political group does not do harm to our residential neighborhoods in the path of this march – if any Anaheim official shows up, they should be recalled! I just hope they post any officials or candidates that attend.

  9. My silence is indicative only of the fact that I no longer (voluntarily) read what is produced here, and was unaware of my obligation to disprove a negative based solely on your say-so, until someone helpfully forwarded the link. But here I am, responding to a website where the teeming multitudes of your readers have made it clear that I am not welcome and they care little for what I have to say. (Do you, Todd?)

    I’m not sure why you feel the need to drag me into statements I never made. Do I not offer you enough inflammatory statements readily attributed to me? I suppose in this age of google alerts one is simply supposed to KNOW when their name is brought up for discussion and pop over to defend ourselves, but once upon a time if you wanted someone’s input you CONTACTED them before calling them a coward for not responding. Or is there an assumption that the entire world just automatically starts their day reading this website?

    Matt Cunningham, will you go on record saying you support law enforcement at all times in all things? Cops have never, ever made a mistake, you have never disagreed with a decision or action or statement by any law enforcement agency, ever, in all the years you have been involved in your community? Are you really going on record saying no officer has ever allowed their humanity to show through with a biased judgment call?
    Matt Cunningham, are you saying that supporting someone on one issue is a blanket statement of support for everything they will ever say or do for the remainder of their lives? Or shall we limit that implied support to merely those who have you on the payroll?

    Let’s hit even closer to home. Does Matt Cunningham approve of paying a slimy political operative to investigate a fellow citizen, wasting staff time all over the County, in the hope of finding something credible enough to stick with the FPPC, their bogus charges having been dropped, leaving them with nothing to use in an effort to demonize someone about to blow their schemes out of the water? Because Matt, you have never gone on record saying you don’t condone that….(although I am flattered that they pulled out the big guns, seeing how much the 460 forms show Ellis is paid. Shame it was wasted.)

    The hyperfocus of you and your friends on a relatively unknown local activist grants me far more credit for influence I do not believe I possess. In short, nobody CARES what I think of the flyer I was not involved in announcing an event I did not plan, sponsor, or coordinate and do not plan to attend. When people read my work elsewhere it is because I post actual credible links that connect people with real wrongdoing, something you fail at rather badly here. So the more meaningful question might be, when do you stop mudslinging in the desperate effort to discredit me before my research pulls the rug out from under your friends? When do you admit that you may have aligned yourself with those who might not always act in the best interest of the public in all things?

    The big issue here is, when did Matt Cunningham decide to swap accurately reporting on community news, for making stuff up as he goes along?

    • Cynthia Ward thinks bloggers should contact someone before writing about them? Something she never does herself?

      Why don’t you start by talking your own advice, Cynthia? You have become such a gigantic hypocrite. And your ego is so big that you can’t even see it.

    • German Santos had a crush on you Cynthia!

  10. Sick of Politics

    Hmm. Contacting someone before running a story about them. Novel concept. Perhaps you would like to forward your comments to your fellow friends at the VOC et al.

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