The left-wingers working with Genevieve Huizar and Donna Acevedo to bring a cavalcade of radicals and anarchists to protest in Anaheim this Sunday are now trying to mix in the explosive George Zimmerman verdict, with a healthy dose of race-war rhetoric:

Answer LA trayvon

“Zimmerman is free – We’ve got to fight back!”

“Justice for Trayvon!”

Gosh, it’s almost as if they want their commemoration of the 2012 Anaheim riots to turn into an actual riot!

No doubt, these folks are also solidly in favor of single-member council districts and hammering the Honda Center, and opposed to the GardenWalk development agreement.

As I mentioned in the previous post, organizers have abandoned the original plan of marching from Little People’s Park down to the Disneyland Resort. I mean, that’s a whole 2.6 miles of marching and chanting slogans!

The new route of City Hall to the Police Department is a less taxing 0.8 miles, leaving plenty of energy for shouting or throwing objects at police, kicking a police car or assorted mayhem.

After all, these are the people the current at-large system isn’t representing, and they have to give voice to their feelings some way, don’t they? Diana Lopez, who is suing Anaheim for $50 million on behalf of Genevieve Huizar, said the city was asking for another riot when City Attorney Cristina Talley was let go.

In March, a UNITE-HERE spokesperson invoked the veiled threat of a riot if the Honda Center didn’t come to terms with the union’s demands.

At the June 11 city council meeting about council districts, “take back Anaheim” leader Joanna Sosa practically called for violence if the council didn’t adopt single-member districts.

The radicals organizing the July 21 march aren’t operating in a vacuum, but under the rhetorical umbrella of “community leaders” who give aid-and-comfort to the idea that violence is a legitimate form of political expression for Latinos.