Radicals Working To Make Anaheim March More Combustible

The left-wingers working with Genevieve Huizar and Donna Acevedo to bring a cavalcade of radicals and anarchists to protest in Anaheim this Sunday are now trying to mix in the explosive George Zimmerman verdict, with a healthy dose of race-war rhetoric:

Answer LA trayvon

“Zimmerman is free – We’ve got to fight back!”

“Justice for Trayvon!”

Gosh, it’s almost as if they want their commemoration of the 2012 Anaheim riots to turn into an actual riot!

No doubt, these folks are also solidly in favor of single-member council districts and hammering the Honda Center, and opposed to the GardenWalk development agreement.

As I mentioned in the previous post, organizers have abandoned the original plan of marching from Little People’s Park down to the Disneyland Resort. I mean, that’s a whole 2.6 miles of marching and chanting slogans!

The new route of City Hall to the Police Department is a less taxing 0.8 miles, leaving plenty of energy for shouting or throwing objects at police, kicking a police car or assorted mayhem.

After all, these are the people the current at-large system isn’t representing, and they have to give voice to their feelings some way, don’t they? Diana Lopez, who is suing Anaheim for $50 million on behalf of Genevieve Huizar, said the city was asking for another riot when City Attorney Cristina Talley was let go.

In March, a UNITE-HERE spokesperson invoked the veiled threat of a riot if the Honda Center didn’t come to terms with the union’s demands.

At the June 11 city council meeting about council districts, “take back Anaheim” leader Joanna Sosa practically called for violence if the council didn’t adopt single-member districts.

The radicals organizing the July 21 march aren’t operating in a vacuum, but under the rhetorical umbrella of “community leaders” who give aid-and-comfort to the idea that violence is a legitimate form of political expression for Latinos.


  1. If there is a group of people in Orange County, CA that know the effectiveness of volence, it’s the Garden Grove and Anaheim police departments, the Orange County Sheriff’s department, the California Highway Patrol and federal law enforcement friends with 3 letter acronyms. So effective was the violence that it kept this Hispanic American man silent for over 15 years.

    • And isn’t it very interesting that I, having no connection with the Hispanic community in Anaheim other than being Hispanic, said ENOUGH approximately 10 months before this community said ENOUGH. We basically said ENOUGH simultaneously after years of abuse.

      Pretending this is some sort of nefarious Communist plot isn’t
      helping at all.

      • Matthew Cunningham

        “Pretending this is some sort of nefarious Communist plot isn’t
        helping at all.”

        Pretending? German, look at the list of co-sponsoring organizations. There are actual, real-life Communist groups involved with it.

        • “Pretending? German, look at the list of co-sponsoring organizations. There are actual, real-life Communist groups involved with it.”

          German would like to pretend that isn’t true. Communists and anarchists is all they can recruit.

        • These “groups” were present during the MLK civil rights movement – we didn’t become a communist or socialist state.

          These “groups” were present during the anti-Vietnam war movement – we didn’t become a communist or socialist state.

          These “groups” were present during the anti-war movements of the last 30 years – we didn’t become a communist or socialist state.

          Most Americans with concerns about our government and/or the police (including myself) get it – the answer is not a system that would concentrate even more power into the hands of even fewer people. The answer is to further improve what we have.

          So were Dr. Martin Luther King’s efforts less credible or necessary because of the presence of these “groups”? J.Edgar Hoover and the FBI insisted so just as you and soapyroy insist so today.

          • German, thanks for that hard hitting update letting us all know we aren’t a communist country. What’s more interesting however is the growing concern that there is a group out there practically begging for unrest to come to Anaheim. We have seen in the last few days even that this kind of desired violence leads to situations where people could get seriously injured. It is very hard to understand anyone supporting something like that.

            • Thank you. And now that you know that this will never be a communist country, let’s see what the Constitution of the United States has to say. Congress shall pass no law abridging the people’s right to peacefully assemble and to petition their government for redress of grievances. So my question to all naysayers here is : why are you so anti-American? I’m being sarcastic of course.

              Most people at this event will be unarmed and facing a hostile police force fully armed. So violence would be in whose interest?

  2. Sick of politics

    Projecting violence onto the residents and businesses in the community does nothing to give the cause any credibility. In fact, it diminishes it.

  3. gabriel san roman

    The only one ginning up the specter of a riot is you! To claim an ANSWER LA march is going to bring anarchists to town shows what a pendejo you are! Relax. If there’s one thing ANSWER is known for, it’s orderly marches. Nothing to fear here folks.

  4. I very much doubt that the outsider “left-wingers” working with Genevieve and Donna have districting, the Honda Center, or the GardenWalk Giveaway on their radar.

    Donna is not suing the city for $50 million, and she has nothing to do with Diana Lopez. Your multiple typos attest to the urgency of your clarion call, but do try to get some facts right.

  5. Matthew Cunningham


    As to your first point: that was tongue-in-cheek. I’m surprised you didn’t recognize it.

    As to you second point: I was, in truth, rushed at the end and write Donna Acevedo where I should have written Genevieve Huizar (although you’re the last guy who should be chiding anyone on getting facts straight). An unintentional mistake but a mistake nonetheless – but not one that detracts from the point since it concerned Diana Lopez, not her client.

    • Tongue in cheek, eh? It came off as perfect self-parody of your usual arguments … and usually self-parody is not on purpose.

      By the way the reason the march got moved from Little People’s Park is because Donna was thoughtful enough to meet and talk to some of the locals there, who’d heard nothing of it, and were adamant that they didn’t want a march in there neighborhood “stirring up more trouble with the police.” Talking to the actual locals – something ANSWER LA might try.

      • Matthew Cunningham

        I’m sure it came off that way to you, Vern. It’s hardly surprising you would get that wrong, as well.

        And thank you for confirming Donna Acevedo is an active participant in this March of the Wannabe Che Guevaras. Part of me wondered if she was being duped or didn’t fully grasp the deeply radical nature of the folks with whom she is working.

        • Does the obviously uneasy and ambivalent relationship between the local organizers and the powerful outsider groups evade the grasp of your pea brain, or are you just pretending?

          • Matthew Cunningham

            I haven’t given my brain the life-time beating you’ve given to yours, Vern — so I’m confident I have far more functioning brain cells than you.

            Your attempts to explain this away notwithstanding, there is nothing “uneasy” or “ambivalent” about the statement Acevedo signed accusing the Anaheim police of being racist and of murdering her son. If she were uneasy or ambivalent about that rhetoric, or about the nature of the groups she is working with, then she wouldn’t have signed that statement nor would she be working with these radicals.

            • Well she’s no professional. She gave them permission to use her name because they seemed like they were on her side. Then she didn’t like a lot of what she saw her name put to. But that’s all more than you need to know.

              • Vern, you propose an excuse for everything. Are you now a spokesperson for Donna Acevedo? If so, apologize on her behalf for her son’s attempted murder of a police officer by firing three shots from an illegal firearm.

  6. Tonight’s “peaceful protest” at LA City Hall should be a preview of what Anaheim City Hall should expect on Sunday.

  7. Huizi and her new friends at Communist Party of Los Angeles should go riot against the Travelers Street-Gang in Anaheim and boot out their own gang members while they are at it.

  8. “War on Black & Brown Youth”

    Do you understand that the majority of crimes which those youth commit are against their own people and that juries of their peers – minority juries (their own people) – sentence those black & brown youth to jails & prison?

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