Charter Review Committee Holds First Meeting Tomorrow Evening

The Charter Review Committee will hold its first meeting tomorrow evening at 6:00 p.m. in the Anaheim City Council chambers. Here are the CRC members (with their appointing councilmember in parenthesis):

  • E. Thomas Dunn (Tait)
  • Amanda Edinger (Kring)
  • Craig Farrow (Murray)
  • Ernesto Medrano (Brandman)
  • Keith Oleson (Eastman)

The CRC’s business will be limited to appointing two additional members from the remaining pool of applicants, who are:

1) Adelekan, Pat
2) Alvarez, Juan
3) Ament, Todd
4) Bengochea, Ron
5) Chuchua, Brian
6) Crow , Byran
7) Day, Sandra
8) Diaz, David
9) Elwell, John
10) Estep, Bill
11) Faessel, Stephen
12) Flores, Cecilia
13) Hall, Ryan
14) Hines, Theresa
15) Jensen, Madeline Rae
16) Kott, Paul
17) Larsen, Larry
18) Lodge, Steve Chavez
19) Ma’ae,Gloria
20) John, Machiaverna,
21) McCracken, Shirley
22) Mueller, Phyllis
23) Noteboom, Frances
24) Perez. Claudia
25) Porretta, Heather
26) Postma, William
27) Rodarte, Veronica
28) Shimogawa, Teresa
29) Sigala, Maria
30) Varnum, Dennis

Those appointments will bring the CRC up to its authorized members of seven people; the committee will elect its chair and vice-chair at its next meeting.

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  1. Brian Chuchua has no business on the list. He is a Mr. Fitzgerald flunky. Chuchua grabbed a stack of public comment cards at 4pm at the last city council meeting and handed them out to late arrivals at 5pm including Vivian Pham to take cuts in the speaker line. Chuchua is not an administrator of fairness and should not be allowed to inject his unethical behavior into this process.

  2. Pat Adelekan and Brian Chuchua are “Take Back Anaheim” cronies of Tom Tait. Larry Larsen is Lorri Galloway’s neighbor and her stooge.

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