200-300 Expected At Sunday’s Anti-Police Protest; Radicals Being Bused In from Oakland;

According to my sources, 200 to 300 assorted anti-police radicals, left-wingers and anarchists are expected to assemble in front of Anaheim City Hall on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. to commemorate last year’s riots — or as protest organizers term those nights of lawlessness and property destruction, “historic community mobilizations.”

Protest organizers are working to bus anti-social types from all over California. The website of Occupy Oakland (a truly radical group) has this link to a Wepay.com page for bus tickets to Anaheim; there are three tiers of ticket prices, including “solidarity pricing.”

Protestors are getting excited and sharing their feelings online. Frank Lara, a Party for Socialism and Liberation activist who seems to be putting together the Riot Bus from Oakland, made this Facebook profile picture:

Frank Lara

Not very subtle. Then again, communists usually aren’t. In addition to his obviously major time commitment to Party for Socialism and Liberation activities and sticking it to The One Percent, Mr. Lara studied City and Regional Planning at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (according to his Facebook page).

Lara helpfully posted the Oakland Riot Bus itinerary:

Oakland riot bus itinerary

Douglas Kaufman from Los Angeles posted this on OCCORD’s Facebook page, inviting them to join this Sunday’s protest:

Doug Kaufman OCCORD

Mr. Kaufman has a particularly belligerent view of how to interact with law enforcement:

Kaufman bully the police

Wow. Kaufman and his fellow radicals had to “bully” the “pigs…out of the way” because “they feared us.” So much for “peaceably assemble.”

This Anaheim anti-police protest meme from WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) was shared by Colectivo Todo Poder Al Pueblo:

stop killingour sons

Notice the recurring themes that reflect the genuine world-view of the organizers of this protest: the police are  a murderous, racist institution organized for the repression and brutalization of minorities. Their statements, epithets and memes are also illustrative of the left-wing bubble world in which these people exist, and a lack of understanding of that Anaheim isn’t Oakland or Berkeley or Los Angeles.  These anarch0-leftists circuses may be part of the normal tableau in cities like those, but they are alien to a place like Anaheim.

It’s important to note that two of the lead organizers of this anti-police protest, Donna Acevedo and Genevieve Huizar, are accorded community spokesperson status by local media and some Anaheim leaders.

Anaheim residents who come across this protest aren’t going to say to themselves, “My God, it is imperative that our community engage in a critical self-examination of our repressive civic structures and address the institutional racism and social inequality that benefits the corporate elite to the detriment of the working class!”

They’re going to think, “Who the heck are these weirdos and what are they doing in Anaheim?”

In terms of any political impact this march, let me put it this way: after last year’s riots, no council candidate sent out mailers saying they were going to crack down on the police. All the candidate mailers boasted of how they would crack down on gangs. That’s because Anaheim voters want the city to come down on Anaheim’s gangs, not Anaheim’s police.


  1. Matthew Cunningham

    Maybe Vern Nelson be there with his keyboard, playing inspirational revolutionary songs for the comrades.

  2. Sounds like an illegal assembly. If any officers or other people are injured or property damage occurs then Huizar and Acevedo should be arrested for initiating this riot inspired illegal assembly.

    • I wonder what the hundreds of civilian criminals working on behalf of OC law enforcement will be doing Sunday? Attending church?

      • Sick of Politics

        Funny how you claim cops stereotype Hispanics yet you’re stereotyping cops. Oh the irony!

        • By virtue of being a victim of it for over 15 years – I don’t claim it – I know it.

          If it makes you feel any better, I’ve observed your OC law enforcement community across 3 separate decades morph from a racist police force to a multi-cultural disaster. The Hispanic and Asian cops are leaving alot to be desired as well.

  3. Sick of Politics

    Did they obtain the proper permit?

  4. Mr. Santos, Please get back on your meds! Your incoherent, nonsensical ramblings, muttered in monotone recital at each Anaheim Council Meeting are just so incredibly tiresome.

    • That’s funny. At least one person attending the meeting AND the former Anaheim city manager have mentioned to me that I was quite eloquent. Needless to say, I prefer their opinion.

      Since I plan to attend and speak at Garden Grove and Anaheim city council meetings until someone grows a conscience or spine (preferably both) OR until hell freezes over I will look into your comments about tone. Perhaps I need to work on that.

      • Would you also please work on your personality. You are boring. Please liven it up a bit. Thank you.

        • Never in the history of American oratory has one man taken a valid message (the message of concern about gang member violence and it’s impact on the community) and delivered it in such a horrible manner. You can almost see white members of the Anaheim city council audience wanting to join a gang – any gang – just to spite you.

          In light of this, it will take a while to get over your criticism .. 3..2..1.. OK i”m over it.

  5. Sick of politics

    I’d love to know where all these protestors, media, celebrities, and govt officials where during cases like Jamiel Shaw. A black kid with the amazing talent killed by a gang member… Hmmm.

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