The Charter Review Committee met tonight to appoint the two remaining members (as I posted about yesterday) from the pool of remaining applicants.

The CRC has met and appointed Todd Ament and Gloria Ma’ae. Two very fine, qualified choice that speak to the wisdom of those committeemembers who voted for them.

There’s more to report, but that will have to wait. I’m not a big one for blogging from an iPhone.

UPDATE: I spoke with someone who was at the CRC meeting last night, and this is how the nominations went down. Each CRC member nominated someone. Once the nominations were made, the committee voted on each one, and the top two vote-getters were appointed.

Ernesto Medrano nominated Veronica Rodarte. E. Thomas Dunn nominated Brian Chuchua (surprise!), Keith Oleson nominated Paul Kott, Craig Darrow nominated Todd Ament and Amanda Edinger nominated Gloria Ma’ae.

The vote on each nominee:

Rodarte: 4 to 1 against (Medrano being the “yes” vote)

Chuchua: 4 to 1 against (Dunn being the “yes” vote).

Kott: 3 to 2 against (Oleson and Dunn being the “yes” votes)

Ament: 4 to 1 in favor (Dunn being the “no” vote)

Ma’ae: 3 to 1 in favor (Dunn voted “no”; Medrano abstained).

There were a lot of good names among the applicant pool, but with only two slots not everyone can get the nod.