Donna Acevedo Apparently Having Second Thoughts About Anti-Police March

answerla anaheim marchUPDATED/CORRECTION: Donna Acevedo was not at the Charter Review Committee last night, as I reported earlier. There was a miscommunication with my source, and I have corrected the post accordingly, and apologize for the error.

I heard from a very reliable source who overheard a conversation among some of the Usual Gadflies at last night’s Charter review Committee meeting. Cynthia Ward relayed to her compadres the misgivings Donna Acevedo was having about the protest and her involvement in it.

My source heard Ward tell Larry Larsen and Brian Chuchua that Ms. Acevedo was “freaking out” over the protest. She worried about its potential to get out of hand given the groups who are organizing it and whose adherents will be populating it, and was concerned she’d be held responsible.

The organizing effort for the anti-police protest was kicked off on May 31 with an incendiary letter signed by Acevedo and Genevieve Huizar. The missive called the Anaheim police racist and accused them of murdering their sons (two known criminal gang members) and others, as well. Acevedo and Huizar, joining with a coalition of extreme radicals, anarchists and socialists, called for a protest on the one-year anniversary of the riots to commemorate those “historic community mobilizations.”

The itinerant radical/Occupy/anarchist community has answered the call and are gathering to descend on Anaheim on Sunday. These are people who genuinely hate the police and view them through Marxian lenses as the uniformed arm of the One Percent, whose purpose is to repress and control minorities through brutalization. It sounds weird to anyone who isn’t a college student or a tenured professor, but there are actually still people who believe that kind of nonsense.

So, a few hundred of them are coming to Anaheim, and they aren’t kumbaya-type personalities. Acevedo (and Huizar) helped to summon the genie, and now she is concerned that it has a mind of its own.

While its good to know she is apprehensive that the protest will degenerate into something more violent, their ideology and behavior of the groups she has aligned herself are no mystery. AnswerLA, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, the Worker Student Alliance, etc. – a few minutes on online research very clearly illuminates the nature of these groups – which have a view of direct action and protest that is at odds with traditional American ideas of ordered liberty.

Since last summer, several of the same “Latino leaders” who the local media like to quote as representatives of Anaheim Latinos have accused the Anaheim council majority as courting another riot whenever that majority doesn’t act according to the wishes of those “leaders.” I hope Sunday’s gathering of radicals remains peaceful, but those whose rhetoric implicitly legitimizes mayhem as a means of political protest should be not be surprised if the marchers take them at their word.

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  1. Donna just read this, says she’s not “freaking out” so much as “a little apprehensive.” Our dear friend Cynthia might be more “freaking out,” bless her heart.

  2. I do not recall using the phrase “freaking out”….but then it wouldn’t be the first time words were put in my mouth.

    • Cynthia, “Freaking out” is a descriptive phrase which best describes your inability to cope with the consequences of your regrettable actions. Stop sympathizing with gangbangers and you will be just fine!

  3. I am happy to provide you with an accurate retelling of what I was overheard telling Amin David, Brian Chuchua, and Larry Larsen, (had I been sharing secret intel I would not be stupid enough to tell the gentlemen within earshot of Todd Ament. I shared with them that Donna has ALWAYS asked for a peaceful march to bring attention to the issues that are still not being clearly addressed by law enforcement a year later, and that none of the mothers involved wanted a glorification of the rioting last year, events NONE of them were involved with in the first place no matter how folks here want to blame them for the broken glass.

    This got out of hand because none of these women are media savvy, burying a child usually does not require the use of PR consultants, so when AnswerLA offered help with creating flyers and getting press releases handled, they gratefully accepted. It is clear (to me at least) that AnswerLA hijacked for their own purposes an event that was supposed to be respectful and community oriented, and turned it into something the moms had not intended it to be.

    Apparently this happens often, while looking for info on whether Donna would need a permit for a candlelight vigil, (and whether AnswerLA is correct in their belief they are exempt from permit requirements for their hootnanny) I came across this info (the search turned up the occupy site, it is not bookmarked on my computer as a frequent destination)

    I think “the Moms” were also rather blindsided by the idea that someone would be scummy enough to abuse their grief by using it to further their own political agendas. It takes a special kind of lowlife to propagandize the broken heart of a mother grieving the Anniversary of their son’s loss and the division of a community, but then I guess I am in the right place for that discussion.

    Again, I was not involved in planning, but I understand the only intent of the event was to bring awareness to the fact that a year later we are not much closer to public disclosure or accountability, for a department entrusted with the authority to deprive any one of us of our freedom, property, or even our lives. In trusting those civil servants (and the vast majority of them ARE trustworthy) there is also an implied consent based on some rules of civility, and assurance that abuses will be corrected immediately. My own personal experience tells me that is not always a true assumption, and I think it is my right as a resident, a citizen, and a taxpayer, to demand that we be told what policies and procedures are to be followed, and what consequences will be in effect if the line is crossed. I guess in some circles that makes me an anti-law enforcement radical.

    The new Interim Chief is working at getting the Policy and Procedure manual online, but what is posted already does not show a very structured document. Example: We finally see a policy requiring DAR units be activated for every public contact, but I see no consequence for not complying with the policy. Dismissal? Suspension? Sent to your room without donuts, and told never to do that again? We still have a long way to go, and there are still areas of police standards where Anaheim is outdistanced by agencies across the country. It is not anti-cop to demand that Anaheim fields the best Police force we can manage, and that is an issue that needs to be brought to public attention, I am just sorry that the efforts of local residents to do that in a peaceful way were twisted into something else by those outside of our city, whether they were initially invited or not.

    Now feel free to twist that statement into the headline “Cynthia Ward wants to burn the city to the ground, shoot cops, and sell your children into slavery”….

    • Acevedo and Huizar aren’t “media savvy”? That’s the best excuse you can come up with, Cynthia? How media savvy does someone need to be to read and understand the letter they put their names to? Are you saying they didn’t understand they were calling the Anaheim police racists and murderers?

      If they think AnswerLA hijacked their march, they could have sent out another letter publicly disavowing any association with it. They haven’t.

      I’m sorry they lost their sons, but these two women have been exploiting those tragedies to sound off on issues that have nothing to do with how their sons died. And they have people like you around trying to exploit that tragedy to keep anyone from criticizing them.

      Huizar and Acevedo invited these hooligans to our city. And you’re still making excuses for them.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      “I think “the Moms” were also rather blindsided by the idea that someone would be scummy enough to abuse their grief by using it to further their own political agendas..”

      Really? This is from a post published yesterday on the website (trying to ramp up the anger level with some Trayvon rage):

      “Now is the time to build a movement against this systemic racism and brutality. The families of nearly 30 people killed or brutalized by the police are leading a Mass March this Sunday, July 21 in Anaheim. Below is a message from Genevieve Huizar, the mother of Manuel Diaz, who was murdered by Anaheim Police on July 21, 2012:

      “The mothers and fathers of California, the mothers and fathers of Orange County, the mothers and fathers of Los Angeles, stretching beyond all borders stand in Solidarity with Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin… We are here praying for the families of police violence, we stand with you as you cry, we cry with you and for you, we know the pain you are feeling… The United States is outraged with you. We are in this struggle, and we will be marching for you as well on July 21.”

      Sorry, Cynthia. the “they were blindsided” excuse doesn’t hold any water.

  4. For the record, James Robert Reade, are employees of the Anaheim Police Department capable of behavior unworthy of their badge? Or are they only reported by those who condone and enable criminal activity?

    • Donna Acevedo’s gangmember son fired three shots at police from an illegal firearm! That is attempted murder of a police officer. What part of that do you not understand, Cynthia. James.

      • I’ve noticed how you often don’t like to answer Cynthia Ward’s actual question Mr. Reade. Like the one she asked a while ago – how did you go from being a person critical of the APD to the point of suing in court to a person pretending the APD can do no wrong?

  5. This post originated with discussion of the flyers that AnswerLA was putting out, and the fact that the imagery is very aggressive and not consistent with the text that calls for a peaceful demonstration. You have now managed to morph it into a condemnation of the entire event as a whole, and that is not what Donna Acevedo expressed to me, nor is it anything I would agree with.

    While I am not thrilled at the graphics chosen by the hosting organization, and I very much fear that my neighborhood may become the locale for those seeking a more confrontational approach to sharing their views, I have not yet seen a single instance of them calling for breaking windows or burning dumpsters, nor have I seen “the Moms” (apparently a dangerous terrorist street gang) advocating for breaking the law. Donna has not expressed fear of the event getting out of hand, she (and I) have expressed frustration at the impression being sent out by the flyers created by AnswerLA, and afraid that those who want to speak up but do not want to associate with the aggressive imagery on the flyers might stay away. Thus the candlelight vigil, a lesson learned during the Kelly Thomas tragedy, there are people who will come to that type of memorial event, who would never dream of marching down the street chanting “No Justice! No Peace!”

    So you feel free to get all huffy about American citizens exercising their Constitutionally protected rights to peacefully assemble and protest against a form of government that they believe to be unfair and brutal in its enforcement. I will not be joining you in the effort to shut up anyone who makes you uncomfortable or challenges your narrow worldview. James, you are pretty arrogant to make the claim that you are the one and only victim of Anaheim Police brutality, that you and only you were targeted unfairly but that the same could not possibly have happened to anyone else. And to get your knickers in a wad because someone called SOME police officers racist…are you saying that is impossible? There isn’t any element of racism in our entire Police department? That would be a first, an entire profession devoid of the prejudice that all other walks of life encounter, we are all guilty on a variety of levels, why would cops be exempt? (example of James thinking anyone who points out any imperfections in the facade of our PD must be gang lovers.Funny, I have my own preconceived notions about mobile home residents)

    The last I checked Mayor Tait was still out of town, has Mayor Pro Tem Eastman issued any warnings about heading downtown Sunday? Or is she being irresponsible and failing to provide the strong leadership Anaheim needs, in protecting us from these outside instigators? Has APD announced plans for increased security details for our neighborhoods? Or is the belief that the world is coming to an end limited only to the handful of readers at this website and a random scattering of preppers checking in from their hilltop encampments? Indeed, is there ANY media outlet out there getting wadded up and bracing for the worst, other than this Chamber funded hate-hole with an ax to grind?

    • Matthew Cunningham

      There is a stark and instructive contrast between Cynthia’s very restrained rhetoric regarding the platoons of anarchists and radicals coming to Anaheim (starting with Acevedo’s incendiary polemic) and her giving Acevedo and the “police are racist murderers” crowd every benefit of the doubt, and the unrestrained manner in which she claims those with whom she has policy differences are corrupt, unethical, dishonest, rapacious and to whom no benefit of the Doug is ever given.

    • “James, you are pretty arrogant to make the claim that you are the one and only victim of Anaheim Police brutality, that you and only you were targeted unfairly but that the same could not possibly have happened to anyone else.”

      Game – set – match! And James Robert Reade can now be found in the locker room sobbing.

      Dear James, if you foolishly think that your police department became angels after your dealings with them – you get the award for the most naive person in America.

      • German, do you understand that I am not a gangbanger. Anaheim Police have had to deal with an overwhelming domination of hard core Latino gangbangers. Chief Welter did a tremendous job restoring police credibility and redirecting their energy against gangs. I blame gangs for all the problems associated with my past experiences.

        • I never said or thought you were a gang member of any kind.

          You claimed that APD falsely accused you (a subject I’m unfortunately too familiar with). I don’t care how tough the gang situation is or how stressful it might be – no cop has a right to destroy a person’s life. If a cop thinks he can or considers it collateral damage he has forfeited the right to wear the badge. Badges don’t grant extra rights.

  6. ….and James, where are the powder residue tests?


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