Scenes from Anti-Police March in Anaheim

Nothing says “peaceful community dialogue” like berets and para-military uniforms:


1:42 pm: Speaker just told the approving crowd that “Justice is only won in the street.”

1:47 pm: the protest leaders just finished a rousing chorus of “up with the people, down with the police.”

This is like being in Berkeley. Or Oakland.

Some more photos:

A nice parent-child Sunday outing:


Plenty of Commies on hand:


2:08 pm: Rhetoric getting progressively angrier and more incendiary. Lots of references to “pigs” and “killer cops” and how they’re going to fight back. The last speaker just compared the police to Spanish conquistadores wiping out “indigenous peoples.” “Only the uniforms have changed,” he shouted.

The guy talking now is complaining about “2000 years of oppression.”

2:15 pm: this lady is giving the National Brown Berets some sort if blessing:


3:15 pm: A thug protestor grabbed my phone and yelled at me to do something about it. Some other protestor got him to give it back, realizing that assault an theft aren’t good PR for La Causa.

Since then, I’ve been intermittently harassed by masked radicals who are convinced that I am either a policeman or a fed.

At the end of this video is when the thug grabbed my phone:

Can’t upload the video

4:33 pm – This is protest is endless. The eternal parade if speakers is killing the dwindling crowd, most of whom are Cleary bored and distracted.

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  1. Sick of Politics

    And how exactly does this improve community relations? Thank you Acevedo and Huizar for bringing these types of people to our Anaheim.

  2. You’re a brave person to be out there with those anarchist groups. Stay safe out there and thanks for keeping us informed.

  3. I hope they feel it was worth it. What a complete waste of time and taxpayer resources. Thank you to the A.P.D. for your protection today and everyday. I wonder if Ward, Young, Tait, Mrs. Tait, Moreno, David and their supporters were all out there marching alongside these protesters today.

  4. Is that Tiny Tim in the white t-shirt standing behind the Rosie O’Donnell look-a-like in the second photo?!

  5. No report on the actual speeches of Donna and Genevieve? Didn’t quite fit your narrative?

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Nice try, genius.

      My iPhone — which I was using to blog — died and today is when I’ll be writing up more complete coverage of the march. Glad you could make at least some of it. I have some good photos of you beneath a Che Guevara flag.

      And I didn’t set the narrative; the out-of-town socialists, radicals, anarchists and cop-haters who dominated that march did. Neither Ms. Huizar nor Ms. Acevedo seemed particularly upset by their presence.

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