Anaheim Anti-Police Protest Photos You Won’t See in the OC Register

Anti-police graffiti spray-painted on Anaheim City Hall by protester.

Anti-police graffiti spray-painted on Anaheim City Hall by protester.

The OC Register has a few photos from yesterday’s anti-police protest in front of Anaheim City hall and the Anaheim Police Department.

It’s amazing (but not really surprising) how the OCR managed to almost completely avoid posting pictures of the red flags emblazoned with the likeness of the murderous Communist thug Che Guevara; the plenitude of signs (often carried by children) calling the police (Anaheim and otherwise) murderers and racists or the many placards supplied by the Party for Socialism and Liberation; or even a single photo of the omnipresent platoon of National Brown Berets, who seemed to be function as protest security.

Instead, the OC Register article by Jessica Terrell described the scene this way:

Carrying signs with words like “We are not anti police, we are anti police brutality” and “protect and serve, not attack and kill,” local protesters said they hoped the event would raise awareness about police tactics and inspire more residents to attend council meetings and become politically active in the city.

Was Ms. Terrell at the same protest I was? You really had to make to make an effort to cherry pick out such atypically milquetoast placards from the more typical ones like “APD Are Known To Murder Young Fathers.”

Click on this link to the AnaheimBlog’s Flickr photostream and view photos I took at the protest, which will provide you with a much more complete and truthful portrait of the nature of yesterday’s protest – which may have been mostly peaceful in terms of violent or belligerent behavior (excluding the incident where one of the protesters grabbed my iPhone and threatened to fight me for it), it was definitely not peaceable in attitude.


  1. Front and center in so many of the pictures is Donna Acevedo, honored guest at Mayor Tait’s campaign launch for reelection and whose son fired on Anaheim officers. I didn’t know if I was in Cuba or Anaheim as I drove home yesterday. Truly disgusting display – Mayor Tait should be ashamed of associating with the organizers of this attack on our city and our police department!

  2. Sick of politics

    What an embarrassing display…..

  3. wake up Anaheim

    Great pictures of Vern Nelson and Adam Elmahrek laughing – the so called ‘journalists’ that are dragging our City down with this debacle. I am so thankful to our great PD that had so much patience and fortitude yesterday by standing back and letting it play out.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a gathering of freaks all in one place at the same time. Not a shred of common sense among the bunch of ’em.

    • Here are other examples of freaks:

      Cops who deliberately abuse their authority and harass/intimidate one person for over 15 years to cover up the criminal acts of American traitors long since retired. Using your tax payer money to begin a criminal act and then using 100 times more money in an attempt to cover up their criminal acts.

      A freak to me is a person who pretends to be an officer of the law while behaving worse than Bernie Madoff and the insane arrogance to think that he can look at the victim as if he were the criminal.

  5. Your predictions of mass mayhem appear to have been unfounded.

    Here is one observation from having seen the protests last year and this weekend. As long as police departments don’t wear combat gear and remain a half block away at all times: all peace breaks out. Another piece of good news is that the army of civilan criminals utilized by OC law enforcement appeared to have remained in church all Sunday.

  6. And finally, the graffiti on the walls of the Anaheim PD was unfortunate but if you don’t have a problem with how we paled around with every latin American dictator (Pinochet, Manuel Noriega), Saddam Hussein (even after gassing Iranians), Bin Laden (during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan) etc. etc. etc. then I’m willing to tolerate that for an important cause. Graffiti / mass killings. God help you if you can’t tell the difference.

    • And as a former designer of tracking systems for law enforcement purposes, I have an overwhelming desire to design a product to track down the last remaining fragments of your brain.
      Why does the road to enlightment always have to wind through the valley of blooming idiots. Would much rather prefer to treat this with the seriousness that it deserves. A lot is at stake for everyone.

      • Gustavo Arellano

        [Comment deleted for being puerile and spiteful. Once again.]

      • For the record, this comment was for James Reade. I don’t see his comment nor do I mind if it’s returned.

        I appreciate being allowed to post obviously alternative viewpoints here.

        • German, stop trying to be somebody you are not. The CIA, FBI and UFO’s are not after you. If you made any sense with your comments and actually provided a sensible alternative in regards to the subject of law enforcement then you might have something to contribute. But you mix too many unrelated complaints in the same sentence. I feel sorry for you. You need to try to focus and overcome your confused thought process. You must recognize that you have a cerebral disability and do your best to overcome it. But don’t expect us to take you seriously.

          • Stay classy hombre.

            By the way, dressing up as Zoro at the last Anaheim city council is not the way to endear yourself to the Hispanic community.

            • This must be your first experience with authentic Mexican. My Mexican and Mexican American friends would like to see the dress code upgraded at city council meetings to authentic Mexican. I see Teresa Smith had a makeover. Very impressive. I sincerely hope she continues to dress appropriately.

  7. Sick of Politics

    Why are people (gang moms included) not using this amount of time and energy to fight against GANGS not the cops who are doing there best to protect us?

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