On the Lighter Side: Peacock Roams Anaheim Hills

Courtesy of the Orange County Register

Courtesy of the Orange County Register

On the lighter side of things, the Orange County Register published an article on a peacock that has been roaming around Anaheim Hills for a year or so:

He goes by the names Charlie, Paulie, Boo Boo and Diego. But no matter what name he’s called, Anaheim Hills residents know the community’s biggest celebrity– a peacock.

The giant bird roams a neighborhood that backs up to Deer Canyon Park, spending his day perching on roofs, cruising down the street and sleeping in trees.

Ad the article notes, the most likely explanation for the peacock’s provenance is Irvine Regional Park, which has been home to a free-roaming flock of peacocks for many years (the equestrian center in the park is named “Peacock Hill Equestrian Center”). They are beautiful birds with an lonely, eerie-sounding call, and would certainly brighten any neighborhood they called home.

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  1. I miss our Peacock. Can someone tell me why I haven’t seen him lately. I don’t want to believe the rumors.

    Please help!!

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