I was watching a video clip I took of the National Brown Berets at Sunday’s anti-police march (that is the only honest way to describe it) in Anaheim and noticed something at the 10-second mark (the scroll bar counts the seconds off backward for some reason).
[flickr video=9345604726 secret=771db40223 w=400 h=225]
The young woman in the grey shirt and black jacket, waving her sign and chanting along with the Brown Berets looks like none other than Marisol Ramirez, a member of the OCCORD Board of Directors and frequent provider of quotes to the Voice of OC and other media claiming the Anaheim City Council majority is out of touch with “the people.”

Here’s a screenshot of Ms. Ramirez from the OCCORD video mentioned in my previous post:

M ramirez OCCORD video

And here’s a screenshot from my video:

Marisol ramirez PSL

Yep. That’s a match.

What’s most interesting is what is on the sign she is brandishing; you can’t see the whole sign in the video, but this is what it says: “Cops Are George Zimmermans with Badges.” Here’s another marcher carrying the same sign (which were produced and provided by the Party for Socialism and Liberation):

Cops George Zimmerman

In the context of this protest — and the clear meaning intended by the Party for Socialism and Liberation — that is another way of saying “cops are murderers.”

Which brings me to a point I have made in the past: OCCORD’s philosophy is profoundly radical, and those involved hold deeply radical political views that are far out of the mainstream of the American tradition and constitute a sharp break with the principles on which our form of government was founded.

Here you have one of its directors and most active members waving a sign produced by a radical socialist party calling police officers murderers – which renders ludicrous the group’s criticisms of the Anaheim council majority as “out of touch.”

That is, unless one thinks the greater part of Anaheim residents have socialist tendencies and think their police officers are killers.