Who Is Cory Briggs?

Liberal San Diego litigator Cory Briggs

Liberal San Diego litigator Cory Briggs

As noted in the previous story, OCCORD is trying to sic the state Attorney General and the OC District Attorney on members of the Anaheim City Council who haven’t knuckled under to its leftist tongue-lashings and protests.

OCCORD has enlisted a litigator named Cory Briggs as their hatchet man. Briggs is a liberal activist San Diego attorney who specializes in filing environmental lawsuits against anyone trying to build anything (anyone with money, that is; saving the planet is a lucrative enterprise).

Briggs, for example, sued what would have been the nation’s largest solar project – a giant solar generating station in the California desert – on behalf of the La Cuna De Aztlan Sacred Sites Protection Circle (no, I’m not making that up). Here’s the U.S. District Court ruling dismissing the complaints of the Protection Circle.

OCCORD brings in a liberal litigator from San Diego to bully the Anaheim City Council? They could find someone local? Then again, this is a radical group from Garden Grove run by a guy from La Habra, so why not an attorney from 100 miles away?


  1. Matt – you must admit the man is very effective.

  2. Is OCCORD the same group that is backed by Wells Fargo Bank?

    Why would Wells Fargo Bank want to fund phony lawsuits in Anaheim?

    My guess is that they want to see some new council members elected so that they can get the city’s banking business?

    Shame on you Wells Fargo Bank. Get out of Anaheim.

  3. City Hall Insider

    OCCORD is an agent for Tait in this battle – this is all being timed to attack Anaheim’s council in advance of the next court date in October and to weaken SOAR’s credibility for the next election. The poorly written letter is a reflection of the calliber of attorney they hired – the fact that it has no legal merit is further proof this is about getting some flashy press and headlines for campaign mailers. The AG doesn’t even have jursidiction. Briggs should be called before the State Bar for misconduct! And someone should give Tait a taste of his own medicine and file against him with the state bar and the DA for taking funds and holding ex parte meetings with the plaintiffs suing the city. That IS a valid conflict of interest!

  4. Hmm…now I have no idea whether this suit has merit or not, but the guy did a good job of cleaning the City’s clocks last time so I would not dismiss him so quickly. And remember, OCCORD had several complaints regarding the Gardenwalk deal, which were not heard because the Brown Act violation nullified the whole thing. One assumes theat as long as those same issues remained in the new Gardenwalk deal then the same issues would come up again in court, so I am taking a wait and see attitude with the suit.

    I am curious why a number of comments on this article and another post here name me along with Tait and Moreno in connection to the OCCORD suit. My name is not on that lawsuit, in fact right now my name is not on any lawsuit regarding Anaheim politics, so I wonder how I got lumped in here? Moreno is not a litigant in this case either, nor is Tait. Beat me up for stuff I do and say, but now you are beating me up for the actions of others…run out of empty accusations already?

    I would like to address City Hall Insider, and ask why Mayor Tom Tait is vilified for maintaining ties to Anaheim constituents, no matter what their political views? He is tasked with representing everyone, not just those he agrees with, or worse only those who donate to campaigns or produce high propensity voting districts. When you accuse him of holding ex parte meetings with the plaintiffs in a suit, you do realize that he has to be discussing the suit with someone to make that accusation stick? You really think the total boy scout would talk to plaintiffs about issues clearly limited to closed session?

    On the other hand, when Disney filed suit against the City of Anaheim, over the SunCal zone change (which I still stand by, the Suncal deal was ridiculous and it was right to fight back) Mayor Curt Pringle served in a leadership capacity with SOAR, helped collect signatures for a Referendum and Initiative that cost the City big to oppose, and was clearly-openly-calling the shots in his capacity as a major leader of SOAR, and then Pringle was returning to Closed Session to discuss the Disney lawsuit while wearing the hat of Mayor of Anaheim!.None of us thought twice about it at the time, Hell we cheered him on for it, we loved that he stood up to the Council majority we felt was busy representing the interests of SunCal instead of the interests of the Anaheim citizens.

    Pot…meet kettle….

    • Matthew Cunningham

      “I have no idea whether this suit has merit or not…”

      Since when has Ignorance stopped you from passing judgment, Cynthia?

    • Ugh. Go away, troll. You give our city a bad name with your antics.

      • Matthew Cunningham

        Careful there, sir. Cynthia doesn’t deal well with criticism or simple differences of opinion. She might accuse you of being a drug addict or morally corrupt degenerate.

  5. OCCORD and Cynthia have lost any semblance of inteletual integrity with these allegations and her commentary. She knows full well that the suit is a sham attack for purely political reasons. Seriously – political contributions do not under any circumstances prevent voting on items before the council – only personal income and assorted other private interests. Jeez – if Leos had won he would be of no use to his OCEA cronies – under the terms of the allegations he would have to abstain from any labor contract. As for Gail and Kris – the OCCORD attack dogs aren’t even claiming they had a financial benefit of any color – their big crime is serving on a voluntary, non-profit advisory board? Wow – call the guards!!

    Cynthia laughingly posted that she scooped mainstream media by posting this crap on her drunkard’s blog and comments here that she is an innocent (albeit gleeful) bystander. Sell your wares somewhere else Ms. Ward – no one is buying it here.

    As for OCCORD, get the hell out of my city!

  6. If Wells Fargo is still funding OCCORD, they are defacto attacking the entire City Council and we should find a way to publicly boycott … I am personally looking into it. They would be funding political extortion and there is no excuse for it!

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