The Anaheim City Council hasn’t yet taken up Mayor Tait’s proposal to cancel the Anaheim Chamber’s Enterprise Zone contract (a premature move in the minds of many since the EZ is in operation until the end of the year).

Anaheim Police Association President Kerry Condon has sent a letter to the Anaheim City Council in opposition to this move. Among other things, the APA  states that “a healthy and growing economy in which every Anaheim resident who wants a job and can find one is a big part of a comprehensive plan to reduce crime in the city.”

As Ronald Reagan said, “I believe the best social program is a job.”

The APA letter goes on to state “As the City winds down its Enterprise Zone over the next four months and adopts a new economic development program, it is critical that the City and the Chamber work together to ensure that good jobs for Anaheim residents remain part of our comprehensive approach to keeping our city safe.”

What I’ve heard is that the Mayor’s angle for immediately cancelling the contract is to divert the money for police services, so I imagine this letter helps blunt that ploy.