An interesting discussion took place at the Anaheim City Council dais last night. As Mayor Tom Tait announced they were taking up item 22 (the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce’s Enterprise Zone contract), Councilman Jordan Brandman jumped in with a point of order.

He made reference to the OCCORD/Cory Briggs letter asking the state Attorney general and the OC Districts Attorney to prosecute every member of the city council (except Mayor Tait) for voting in favor of the GardenWalk agreement this May. The specious contention being those votes violated conflict-of-interest laws because those councilmembers either served on the SOAR Advisory Committee or had received contributions from the SOAR PAC.

Brandman pointed out that each member of the city council, including the mayor, had received campaign contributions from either the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce PAC, Chamber members or Chamber affiliates. Given the OCCORD/Briggs letter, would they be violating those same conflict-of-interest laws, since the same circumstances presented themselves?

Here is video of Councilman Brandman’s question and City Attorney Michael Houston’s response:


Houston’s response should put to rest any idea that the OCCORD/Brigg’s allegations have any merit at all – which is sure to be a disappointment to certain inhabitants of the local blogosphere who are fairly drooling at the idea of the objects of their political hatred being prosecuted for something, anything.