OCCORD/Briggs Allegations Against Council Get Demolished

An interesting discussion took place at the Anaheim City Council dais last night. As Mayor Tom Tait announced they were taking up item 22 (the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce’s Enterprise Zone contract), Councilman Jordan Brandman jumped in with a point of order.

He made reference to the OCCORD/Cory Briggs letter asking the state Attorney general and the OC Districts Attorney to prosecute every member of the city council (except Mayor Tait) for voting in favor of the GardenWalk agreement this May. The specious contention being those votes violated conflict-of-interest laws because those councilmembers either served on the SOAR Advisory Committee or had received contributions from the SOAR PAC.

Brandman pointed out that each member of the city council, including the mayor, had received campaign contributions from either the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce PAC, Chamber members or Chamber affiliates. Given the OCCORD/Briggs letter, would they be violating those same conflict-of-interest laws, since the same circumstances presented themselves?

Here is video of Councilman Brandman’s question and City Attorney Michael Houston’s response:


Houston’s response should put to rest any idea that the OCCORD/Brigg’s allegations have any merit at all – which is sure to be a disappointment to certain inhabitants of the local blogosphere who are fairly drooling at the idea of the objects of their political hatred being prosecuted for something, anything.

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  1. Jordan Brandman is awesome at getting the point across in the category of “stating the obvious for stupid people who just don’t get it”. I wonder if the mayor was able to grasp the concept. If anyone out there thinks he isn’t behind this latest ploy by OCCORD, they also just don’t “get it”.
    Kudos to council member Bradman!!

  2. Jordan Brandman acted like a petulant child last night. Mayor Tait isn’t behind this lawsuit. Your team just doesn’t understand how regular folks like me, Cynthia, Vern, etc. . could devote so much time to fighting the corrupt council majority.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      “Regular folks like me, Cynthia Ward…”

      You have GOT to be joking! You two are a pair of character assassins with total ends-justifies-the-means mentalities.

      If this were old Salem, you two would be burning witches and heretics left and right.

    • Ha. Haha. HAHAHAHAHA!!

      Oh my. That was a good one, Jason!

      How’s life in Fullerton these days?

      Cynthia is a hag. Literally, figuratively and morally. Back when she was still liked in Colony circles, she accused one of our neighborhood activists of embezzling. Cynthia didn’t have any proof, but that didn’t stop her.

      The blackest strike against Tom Tait is that he’s allowed Cynthia Ward to become his vicious attack dog. That in itself makes him unfit to lead.

      • Matt, don’t tolerate sexism– regardless of who it’s aimed at.

        You and I were both taught better than to allow filth like this to see the light of day.

        You moderate 100% of the posts I make here and this gets through without a filter? Come on . . . (feel free to strike this one so long as you take the one it’s attached to with it.)

        • Matthew Cunningham

          Oh save it, Ryan.

          During the last year, I have deleted quite a few derogatory comments aimed at Cynthia Ward. Until a few days ago, I would have deleted that one.

          I can’t think of a good reason to any longer extend her such consideration.

          I used to think Cynthia was just one of those people I’ve run across in politics over the years; the type with a really black-and-white way of looking at things, who gets a charge out of being in the mix but with a tendency to get super worked up and go over-the-top with the things they do – but at the end of the day is following their political heart as they see fit (which in Cynthia’s case means flip-flopping on who/what she hates/loves every 6-18 months). I don’t particularly like her, but I didn’t think she was a malevolent person.

          I’ve changed my mind. She has revealed herself to be a vicious, dishonest, petty, intolerant, vindictive, obsessive hypocrite who thinks her mission (whatever it is at any given moment) is so vital that she is justified in saying and doing anything, whether true or not. She’s the political activist equivalent of an inmate with a shank.

          Cynthia and Vern Nelson attempt a really vile smear job on me and you hardly bat an eyelash. Some commenter here calls her a hag and you go into moral outrage mode. And as it turns out from one of her comments, her smear job was motivated by the fact that I take a different view of Anaheim police issues than she does. I can’t imagine spending hours pulling Form 700s, poring over planning commission minutes, driving around town and all the crazy stuff she did, and then perpetrate a vicious lie about someone just because I had a political disagreement with them. And be proud of it! It’s beyond creepy.

          Sorry, Ryan. I used to give Cynthia that kind of consideration here, even though I disliked her. She obviously didn’t and doesn’t deserve it.

          BTW: what that commenter said about Cynthia Ward falsely accusing that Colony activist of embezzling is true. Seems to be a pattern with her.

          • Wwjd?

            Oh, right, unless he was really pissed.

            This speaks more to your character than it does hers. I’m sorely disappointed. Your values reflect more on the institutions you associate yourself with than you realize. Fire What a shame you choose the spiteful path over the righteous path. . . You cause your brothers harm.

            • Matthew Cunningham

              So do your values, Ryan. And those are reflected in what bothers you and what does not. Don’t toss around that “brother” talk when you could care less that a smear directed at one of your “brothers.”

              Physician, heal thyself.

              • Who says that I don’t? You see me piling on? Nope.

                You’re more than capable of defending yourself. Quit complaining and do the right thing.

            • “Wwjd?”

              Pathetic ……

  3. Not to pile on to much but I find it interesting that Ryan tries to defend Cynthia’s honor from being called a hag when on the Anaheim Hills Neighborhood message boards and facebook pages Gail Eastman and Kris Murray are called some truly vile, misogynistic and profane names based mostly on their being women.

    Many of these statements were made by Brian Chuchua, former Council Candidate and know associate of Tait/Ward Cabal.

    Never saw anyone try and take those posts to task – especially the ones from someone who professed to be worthy of representing our City.

  4. What this video clearly shows that Tom Tait is no long relevant in Anaheim.

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