Jason Young fullertonThat was quick.

SaveAnaheim.com has come and gone. Jason Young started this his attack blog last year, using it to personally malign political figures he disliked and to apotheosize those he liked.  Young, a wedding videography with a checkered past, employed a simplistic, manichean blogging style that reminded me of old communist organs like Pravda and consiting mainly with re-gurgitating other people’s content.  If you had the good fortune of not having read SaveAnaheim.com, it was the blog equivalent of a certain behavior exhibited by simians in zoos.

In October of last years, the OC Weekly named it “Best Blog of 2012” (sort of a doorknob award in the OC blogosphere). Now its history, and Young has shuttered the eponymous political action committee and moved to the Golden Hills section of Fullerton. The URL is re-directed to the New Anaheim, a garish blog that basically aggregates press releases and OC Register articles and is operated by the even more vicious and meretricious Art Pedroza.

For those unfamiliar with him, Pedroza is a train wreck: a political chameleon and thrice-failed candidate for Santa Ana political office with delusions of grandeur who was successfully sued for buying domain names that were variations on the business names of some of his critics and directing those URLs to the website of the North American Man-Boy Love Association. Charming.

Goodbye, SaveAnaheim.com, and good riddance.