I’m at the Anaheim City Council meeting. Homeless advocate Ron Thomas is threatening the City Council with a recall if they enact an ordinance pertaining to camping on public property and storing personal property on public property. While I think it is horrible and wrong what happened to his son — boy, is this guy on a power trip.

The proposed ordinance is intended to preserve public property for the use of the public, rather than the de facto removal of that property from public use – which is what happens when parks, for example, become homeless camps.

Thomas pretty much claimed sole credit for the successful Fullerton council recall of last year, and coolly stated he would unleash his army to recall the Anaheim City Council if they did not submit to his will. I’ve been involved in politics for many years, and I recognize when an individual is on an ego or power trip.

It’s an empty threat, of course. If Thomas thinks he can mobilize Anaheim voters to recall the council in order to preserve homeless camps on public property…he’s out of touch with reality. Plus, he won’t have access to Tony Bushala’s checkbook – without which the Fullerton recall would have sputtered and died.

UPDATE (8:24 p.m.):  the council has voted to continue consideration of the ordinance to October 8 in order to conduct more community outreach on the topic.  I don’t see Ron Thomas anywhere in the council chamber.