Coming Soon: Special City Council Meeting To Amend How Councilmembers Agendize Items

Anaheim Insider here.

Some of the biggest news from last night’s Anaheim City Council meeting came at the very end, during councilmember communications. I watched the video as Councilman Jordan Brandman wrapped up his comments this way (start at the 5:16:23 mark on the council video)

In closing, I have a matter for council consideration. Our city council policy relating to the manner in which members of the council may place matters on the city council meeting agenda, the regular meeting agendas, was last amended and re-stated on April 17, 2012.  At that time, resolution number 2012-031 was approved and adopted by the city council establishing Council Policy 1.6.

Then he dropped this bomb:

I request consideration of Council Policy 1.6, Section 1, to be amended and revised, to read as follows: “Any member of the city council may, during the city council communications portion of a city council meeting, request that an item be placed on a future city council agenda. So long as there is assent or concurrence by at least one additional member of the council, the item will be agendized.” End of section. This provision assures the principle of equal governance, and afford all members of the legislative body equal authority as it pertains to the agenda setting process…

Brandman then requested this matter be agendized for a special city council meeting within the next five business days, and both Kris Murray and Lucille Kring gave the necessary assent.

As it stands, any Anaheim councilmember can place an item an a future agenda regardless of what his or her colleagues think. Brandman’s amendment would require them to have the OK of at least one colleague.

This isn’t an unusual policy among California cities, I am told. It is Anaheim’s current policy that is unusual. It shouldn’t prove an obstacle to any of the current councilmembers, with the exception of Mayor Tom Tait.  It’s my experience and that of other Anaheim politicos that Tait uses this power far more often than any previous mayor or any of his current or past council colleagues.  Last night’s rehashing of the September 3 council meeting on the Angels negotiation MOU is an example of Tait using that power.

If it this amended policy is adopted, it’s fairly certain there won’t be repeats of that experience.

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  1. This is proper and long overdue. Tait is constantly abusing his discretion and the angels item is just one example. How about the August meeting at Anaheim high school where he mandated districting, GardenWalk and APD on the same agenda only to invite violence and riots into our city. Yes, he did that. Or how about when he agendized his council aide’s pay. He wanted to give $30k more to Mishal Montgomery who was the highest paid aide with a fantastic pension all the whole serving a mayor who sits on NO external boards like OCTA, OCWD, SCAG etc… Only to be paid for advancing his only policy objectives of freedom, kindness, helping ACLU/Los Amigos, feeding information to the Voice of OC, and dreaming up oppressive PRAs? Really? Yes folks, this is our horrible mayor and it is time to prove to Anaheim he has no clothes. So, perhaps he will come armed to this meeting with another PowerPoint fu of misinformation and stutter even more and bully his way again like he always does- like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. However, this should not intimidate the fabulous council majority from doing what is right against this terrorist. This ends now. I applaud Jordan. He was a true leader on Tuesday and really showed intelligence and maturity.

  2. I would have thought those were the rules. But since they aren’t, they should adopt it quickly.

    While Tait is embarrassing to our city, all these stunts are costing the city, therefore us, a lot of money. City employees have to attend, and therefore be paid, for all of Mayor Tait’s circus work.

    • Great point, ReasonableGuy2!! As a taxpayer, I am outraged. I cannot begin to think of the city staff time that goes in to jumping through hoops to accommodate his abusive requests. I feel badly for the level of stress and fear that is instilled into them by Tom Tait and his pit bull, flunky Mishal Montgomery. Wake up, Mishal and Tait- YOU HAVE NO POWER!!!

      • If she is giving him advice on how to take money from the taxpayers, she is doing a great job. But if she is advising him how to work for the city and protect the taxpayers, Tait should sue her for malpractice.

        After all, Tait was paying her $100,000 a year of the taxpayers money for part-time work until the City Council stopped him.

        So she can afford a defense attorney.

        Maybe she can hire someone from Garden Grove to defend her. Clearly with Tait’s business connections there she can find someone that is willing to side with her, for the right price.

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