Anaheim’s Charter Review Commission met last night to take up several parts of Section 500 of the city charter, which pertains to the mayor and city council.

I wasn’t able to attend the meeting and the video isn’t up yet, but here’s what i am told took place.

There was a move to change the mayoral term from four to two years. Anaheim is the only Orange County city with a directly-elected mayor in which the mayoral term is four years. All other OC cities with directly elected mayors – Orange, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Westminster, Irvine — have two-year mayoral terms.

This recommendation was approved on a 5-2 vote. Commissioners Robert Dunn (Tait appointee) and Amanda Edinger (Kring appointee) voted in opposition.

The CRC also took up the matter of term limits. Currently the charter states that “No person shall serve as Mayor or as a member of the City Council for a combined period of more than eight consecutive years.” A quirk of the term limits section prohibits councilmembers from running fro mayor in the middle of their second council term.

I’m told Commissioners Dunn (Tait appointee) and Keith Oleson (Gail Eastman appointee) argued for eliminating term limits altogether, and the CRC ultimately voted 6-1 to do just that, with Commissioner Gloria Ma’ae (CRC appointee) voting in opposition.

The next meeting of the CRC is October 17.