Overheard: Lorri Galloway Readying A Mayoral Run

lorri_galloway_smallAnaheim Insider here.

The OC Labor Federation had a send-off celebration for its Executive Director Tefere Gebre. The left-wing firebrand is off to Washington DC to be the Executive Vice President of the AFL-CIO. From there, he can wage war on free enterprise on a national scale.

Former Anaheim Councilwoman Lorri Galloway was at the union gathering, and was overheard telling Irvine Councilmember Beth Krom and others that she is planning to run for Mayor of Anaheim next year.

This is in keeping with what insiders have been hearing since last year.

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  1. God help us

  2. Lorri Galloway was a great council member during her first four years. I applaud her for her accomplishments when she governed with Mayor Pro Tem Richard Chavez, Council Members Bob Hernandez and Harry Sidhu and Mayor Curt Pringle. Those were the wholesome years 2005-2008!

  3. Funny to read this post, because I’ve noticed Tait’s liberal supporters like OCCORD, Amin David and that cast of characters have really dialed back on their public demonstrations of support. They were AWOL on Tuesday night.

    No surprise. They’ve been using Tom Tait, and he’s allowed them to. Lorri Galloway’s the real thing, a genuine liberal, and they’d rather have that.

  4. The cynic in me wonders if Tait and Galloway cooked this up together knowing Galloway can’t win, but keeping it from being a head to head Kring-Tait matchup. The more candidates there are, the better chance the incumbent Mayor has of being re-elected.

  5. What strength Galloway has shown on Anaheim Council! What strength she has shown battered women and their families for 30 years in Anaheim! What strength she has shown as a woman leader! What strength she has shown as a Latina leader! 53% of Anaheim is Latino. Do you realize the majority of voters are women?

    Strong leadership is the top characteristic needed for Anaheim’s mayor: clearly Galloway has it over them all!

    Why not try her strength after 156 years of white male leadership? What has it gotten you? Great recession? Less money. Discrimination? More division. In short, time for a change. Anyone else?

    Correa? Santa Ana, Santa Ana, Santa Ana …Who loves a carpetbagger?

    Kring: leader? FOLLOWER…“A lot of people think we’re doing just fine,” said councilwoman Lucille Kring who voted against adopting a district system. “We’ve been doing it 157 years.”

    Finally, Galloway. Finally a leader!

  6. Grisolia is a close personal friend of Joanne Sosa who works for Lorri Galloway and runs Take Back Anaheim a group that was formed to fight economic development in Anaheim and daily attacks the character of the city counicl, business and community leaders in Anaheim. Unfortunately for Tait, he’s mistaken these people for allies and now they are using his good graces to mount a campaign against Tait for reelection. Now that Tait has burned the same bridges with the greater Anaheim community that Galloway burned over her 8 years on the council, he’s got nowhere to go. Lucille is the only person who may be on the ballot for Mayor, who works with all groups and cares about the city regardless of political outcomes. She doesn’t crawl away from all of the city’s non-profits when not in office – she is more involved. Has anyone seen Galloway in over a year – other than working for a non-profit she and her husband run, that refuses to provide audits when seeking federal and city funds – or unless her 2-3 allies on Anna drive are hosting a press conference? Galloway would degrade Anaheim – and fortunately, most people in Anaheim from the west to the east know that she is out for herself and noone else.

  7. Long time resident

    I’m a long time resident, retired now and living by the convention center. I’ve watched city council meetings for years. I personally think Lorri Galloway was a wonderful member of the council, who truly lives kindness and doesn’t just talk about it while attacking the city staff over and over again. I hope she does run and gives this man who has done nothing in all of his years in office a run for his money. I’ve seen nothing from him and wish he would stop attacking city staff and the other council members. Ms. Galloway is thoughtful and would provide peaceful leadership – I hope she is serious.

  8. Stand For Anaheim

    Lorri Galloway is one if the most corrupt members this council has ever seen. She needs to be on council to support her sham of an operation called the Eli Home- who pays the salaries of her, her husband and her daughter. Remember, only 10% of a 501 C3’s intake needs to go to operation. The Galloway family pockets the rest! How else could she afford her Jimmy Choo’s and house in Anaheim Hills? She is dishonest and shady….just check the income of her 501C3 before, during and after council. She needs to be on council to maintain her quality of life. There is no worse enemy to the citizens of Anaheim that her!!! She will get destroyed in the next election because TONS of people are ready to attack! NO TO GALLOWAY!!!

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