William Denis Fitzgerald claims to be a disabled veteran, and his behavior strongly indicates his disability is not physical in nature.

At yesterday’s special council meeting, he was first in  during public comments to blast Councilman Jordan Brandman’s propsed modification of the process for councilmembers to place items on the council agenda [you’d have thought he had proposed abolishing the First Amendment, judging from the apoplexy of Mayor Tait’s supporters, one of whom claimed God was against the proposal. More on all that foolishness tomorrow]

Fitzgerald is routinely vile in his comments, but he managed to burrow even lower than ever yesterday:


Amazing. Not only did Fitzgerald engage in unvarnished anti-Semitism, he even blamed the Holocaust on “evil Jews” and capped it off with a homophobic slur.

Fitzgerald, by the way, is one of those opinion leaders to whom Orange Juice Blogger Greg Diamond enlists to transmit his viscous blog posts.  For his part at yesterday’s council meeting, Diamond performed a hand puppet show narrated by Donna Acevedo. I kid you not. Maybe next time he’ll come dressed as a mime and do that trapped-in-an-invisible-box thing as a metaphor for the council majority trying to “box in” the Mayor.