Why Is Jose Moreno MIA for Single-Member Districts In His School District?

Jose Moreno jedi mind tricksI’ve written previously that Jose Moreno, the lead plaintiff in the ACLU lawsuit seeking to impose single-member council districts on the people of Anaheim, has made no effort to shift elections to the Anaheim City School District Board of Education from at-large to the single-member districts he judges so critical to democracy.

Moreno is a member of the ACSD Governing Board of Education, and he can push to have the ACSD adopt by-district election without filing a lawsuit or going to a vote of the people.

Moreno is basically claiming the Anaheim should have more Latinos on the city council since the city’s population is 54% Latino, and citing the [intellectually dishonest] factoid that only three Latinos (or four, if one considers Lorri Galloway’s Latina blood content high enough) on the Anaheim City Council since the city’s founding.

The same conditions which Moreno deplores in the City of Anaheim are present in the Anaheim City School District. only more so.

64% of the 203,816 people who live in the ACSD are Latinos.

86.3% of ACSD students are Latino.

[These figures were provided to me by the ACSD.]

And yet, only two of the five members of the Board of Education are Latinos, and Moreno is (in his formulation) the only “Spanish-speaking, Spanish-dominant, Latino-surnamed” member.

Including current incumbents Moreno and James Vanderbilt-Linares, a total of just seven Latinos have served on the ACSD Board (one of whom was appointed to fill a vacancy).

What is puzzling is Moreno’s immobility on this issue in an arena where he can do actually do something about it without filing a lawsuit or holding a district-wide election. All that is necessary to replace at-large elections in ACSD with single-member districts is for Moreno and two colleagues to vote to do so – and then request a waiver from the State Board of Education, which is granting them left and right to school districts. They could easily have single-member districts in place in time for next year’s school board election.

Moreno had two golden opportunities in August and September. Not only did he let them go by, but punted he matter until after the 2020 Census.

I have posted on this, shall we say, dichotomy a number of times. I find it amazing that in all their coverage of Moreno’s CVRA lawsuit against Anaheim, neither the Voice of OC nor the OC Register have ever asked the obvious question of why Jose Moreno is adamant that Anaheim must immediately shift to single-member council districts, and yet is content to wait a decade before the school board on which he sits make the same move.

Keep in mind that Mr. Moreno is up for re-election next year. Would moving to single-member districts help or hinder his prospects?


  1. Ugh, I think I just threw up a little bit in my own mouth. The hypocrisy never ends.

  2. The woman at lower right hand corner is a really nice lady. The sad thing is she did not want to be involved in this nonsense. Joan Sosa says they need bodies at these protests and people like the woman in this photo unwittingly show up thinking they are helping the Eli Home for Abused Children when in fact their presence has nothing to do with that. In other words they don’t even know why they are there! It’s not right to involve people who have no interest in protesting.

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