A Million Acts of Unkindness

That’s the vibe that emanates from much of the audience nowadays at Anaheim City Council meetings. The cadre of agitators who have designated themselves as the collective vox populi of Anaheim have a very unkind manner when it comes to anyone who disagrees with them.

The most egregious recent display was William Fitzgerald vomiting out an anti-Semitic, homophobic rant at Monday morning’s special council meeting. Fitzgerald has always been like that. The difference is he’s no longer the exception and the nastiness he embodies has increasingly become the rule in the peanut gallery.

Here’s Los Amigos Founder Amin David speaking a few minutes after Fitzgerald:




  1. Stand For Anaheim

    I thought Los Amigos preached inclusiveness? Oh wait, only when it applies to them? Ridiculous.

    • Los Amigos is a cult with a “control freak mentality” similar to the Church of Scientology. Members are required to subscribe only to Amin David’s incessently bitter point of view that Latinos are not receiving equality, yet his group did nothing for thirty years to stop the overwhelming domination of Latino gangs in Anaheim. Most members of Los Amigos are either spoiled American born Latinos or weak minded Caucasian sympathizers. Amin David is a very controlling personality and has managed to convince Mayor Tait that he must support his small group to be re-elected. However, the truth is, most Mexican people do not sympathize with gang members or approve of Amin David and will not vote for his candidates as is evident by John Leos’ defeat.

  2. Sick of Politics

    Do as I say, not as I do!

  3. City Hall Insider

    Tait has single handedly created the worst and most malicious culture that has ever existed at city hall – please share if you have ever seen it this bad or seen a mayor work so aggressively against the staff, community and other council members? For him to keep naming kindness initiatives and then taking such callous actions is beyond appalling. Now his wife and family members are regulars with the angry mob he’s assembled. Wouldn’t it be easier on him and much more effective to just try and work with the council and the staff?

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