This is a minor issue, but it illustrates how out-of-touch with reality are the motley crew who present themselves as the genuine Voice of the People of Anaheim.

Jason Young, who decamped for the Golden Hills section of Fullerton several months ago, posted an item on his Save Anaheim blog accusing Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray of “censorship,” claiming she blocked “Anaheim activists” from posting on the popular Anaheim Hills Buzz Facebook page.

Where does one begin to address such unreality?

First, what really happened:  Steve McKay, who runs something called the Anaheim Canyon Community Coalition and its associated Facebook page, posted a political video (the Murray-Tait face-off on SoCal Insider) on Anaheim Hills Buzz.

if you haven’t been to Anaheim Hills Buzz, it is a popular FB page where people post things such as recommendations for a good contractor or if they’re looking for a handyman or about a community event. It is a community-oriented site that is very non-political page due to desires of the proprietor of the page and those who populate it.

The proprietor of Anaheim Hills Buzz eventually removed the video, which didn’t sit well with the McKays. At this point, it bears mentioning that the Anaheim Canyon Community Coalition is a de facto Tom Tait re-election committee; nothing wrong with that, but it is what it is and underscores the irony of the criticism from Jason Young and the McKays that Anaheim Hills Buzz wants to remain non-political. Here’s what Rose McKay posted on the ACCC FB page (I have removed their photos from their comments per their request):

Rose McKay complaint - Copy

Here’s the whinier complaint from Mr. McKay:

Steve Mckay complaining - Copy

Sheesh. Cry me a river.

It’s kind of hilarious to read the moaning that they were “only” posting neutral information, blah, blah, blah – not to mention hypocritical. it’s even more ridiculous for Mr. McKay to accuse anyone of being biased, given that his FB page tilts so far in one direction that it is horizontal.

Earlier this year I posted one item on the McKay’s Anaheim Canyon Community Coalition Facebook page – an innocuous, very positive announcement from Kris Murray about a proposed home improvement fee holiday. One day later, it was removed and I was booted from the ACCC’s Facebook page. In other words, I was “censored”!!

That’s fine. It’s their Facebook page. But it’s a little much to see them huffing and puffing that they aren’t being allowed to transplant their political activism onto someone else’s Facebook page, and applying to that person a standard to which they are unwilling to hold themselves. It’s very unkind.

Also, the fantastical claim that Kris Murray is controlling who can and can’t post on Anaheim Hills Buzz vividly illustrates how certain voices in Anaheim civic affairs view the local political landscape through a lens that is distorted by a conspiratorial, almost paranoid mindset. It isn’t rational to believe that Kris Murray actually has the interest, let alone the time, to track and control who is posting on a deliberately non-political community Facebook.