The Orange County Labor Federation is holding a candidate academy tomorrow at the United Food and Commercial Worker Local 324 hall in Buena Park:

OC Labor Fed candidate school

As the flyer notes, a candidate’s endorsement by the OC Labor Federation is contingent on attending at least one of the above sessions to help them properly “understand” the issues important to the OCLF, such as:

  • Contracting Out: The Impact on the Economy (aka outsourcing to the private sector is evil and must be stopped).
  • Big Box Retailers (aka they are evil and must be stopped unless they unionize).
  • Preserving Quality Public Education (aka the answer is always to spend more of the taxpayers money and accede to teachers union demands)

The OC Labor Federation takes a fairly active role in Anaheim politics. In addition to endorsing candidates, for example, recently-departed OC Labor Fed ED Tefere Gebre leveled the (false) accusation that the Honda Center brought service in-house in order to take advantage of Enterprise Zone tax credits. OCLF President (and UCFW 324 Executive Vice President) Rick Eiden is also a director of OCCORD, which has asked the Attorney General to prosecute every member of the Anaheim City Council (except Mayor Tom Tait).