October 16 council district mapping meetingThe city is beginning the process of drawing council district maps, part of implementing the City Council’s vote in June to change from a purely at-large election system to from-district system (councilmembers must reside in districts, but are elected at-large).

Staff, with the assistance of demographers and outside counsel, will draw up maps for both a four and six member council. The June 2014 ballot will feature a proposed charter amendment expanding the council to six members, and drawing maps now enables to city to more quickly implement a “yes” vote, if that is the voters’ decision.

On October 16, the city is holding the first of a series of community meetings on the subject, in order to answers questions such as how the mapping will be done and why it is being done. The meeting is at 6:oo p.m. in the Anaheim City Council chambers; here is a flyer with more info.

You can click here to read the staff report outlining the process in more detail.