Year of Kindness logo backgroundAs Anaheim’s official Year of Kindness wears on, it’s time for another spotlight on individual contributions to the unofficial Year of Unkindness that is running concurrently. And this week it falls on — who else? — Cynthia Ward. Here’s Cynthia doing her smashmouth thing the other day on Orange Juice, the unofficial blog of the unofficial year of Unkindness:

“I may be naïve but I am no whore, heading home with anyone willing to pay me.”

Cynthia reserved that lovely appellation for yours truly, because she seems to think that being a consultant – being hired to provide expertise and services – makes one  a “whore.” That is, if one is a consultant who disagrees with Ms. Ward’s political stance du jour. cynthia ward grrrrrIt’s sort of like how she recently described (on the Anaheim Canyon Community Council Facebook page), an Anaheim civic activist who also doesn’t subscribe to Ward’s current orthodoxy (I’ve removed the activist’s name):

“[So-and-so] is a bitch to the nth degree, no question, but she is ferocious in advancing what she truly believes is the best interest of Anaheim! She hates us because she has been brainwashed into believing that we are just “haters” who want to bring it all down for our own selfish agendas.”

Nice language! Maybe she should change her name to Cynthia Fitzgerald.

Here she is very recently commenting on Charles Black, the consultant hired by the city to negotiate with the Angels:

They keep saying “nothing is final, nothing is done” but Charles Black (the arrogant jerk seen arguing AGAINST Mayor Tom Tait during the post Labor Day meeting… 

During last week’s city council meeting, a young man named Connor Traut spoke about the lack of decorum that has developed at Anaheim council meetings since early 2012. Ms. Ward’s response? call him names:

However, Connor Traut, I don’t know who the little pipsqueak thinks he is, but he has some learning to do. What an arrogant brat.    

How dare he claim there’s a hostile climate at council meetings? Who does that little jerk think he is!

To recap, disagreeing with the mercurial opinions of Ms. Ward means one has no convictions or is a brainwashed b—h or an impudent twerp. It couldn’t possibly be the result of reasoning to a different conclusion, or, heaven for-fend, that Cynthia Ward might be wrong.