LibOCHeaderMag2012Over at, Dan Chmielewski tries to find out if Anaheim H.O.M.E. – for which Anaheim wackjob William Fitzgerald identifies himself as the spokesman — exists any longer:

Anaheim gadfly William Denis Fitzgerlad, who went on a homophobic and anti-Semitic rant at a recent Anaheim City Council meeting, made OC Weekly’s “Scariest People” list along with Anaheim council member Kris Murray, Angels owner Arte Moreno, and Anaheim blogger Matt Cunningham. And while his selection is easily observed, what’s not so clear is the organization he represents.

Anaheim H.O.M.E. is described as a non-profit organization or a government watchdog group.  Fitzgerald himself described the organization as a former PAC.  There is no website for the organization.  There is no phone number.  No address.  There is no list of “directors” that Fitzgerald says he is a spokesman for or speaks at the direction of.  And there is no listing for this organization that we could find on the California Secretary of State’s page.  Is it just Fitzgerald?  He won’t say.

You can read the rest of Dan’s post here.