More On Galloway’s Mayoral Announcement

Some interesting reactions to Lorri Galloway’s announcement she’ll run against incumbent Tom Tait for Mayor of Anaheim. Such as this post from the ordinarily execrable SaveAnaheim:

I admit I don’t have a clue what Lorri Galloway accomplished during her last stint on the Anaheim City Council. So I can’t speak to her record. I’ve heard her impassioned pleas before the crony capitalist majority and have recorded many of her rally’s. I love her passion for the issues I believe in.

But what really speaks to her character is her choice to run for Mayor of Anaheim against longtime friend and supporter Mayor Tom Tait. I truly don’t believe this what a true “friend” would do to another friend. A true friend would wait until Mayor Tait’s second term is over and then run for Mayor. I believe her ego and need for political clout to funnel funds to the Eli Home is the real reason for this run.

I was present at a meeting held at Lorri’s home about 2 weeks ago where she laid out her plans to run for council. Plans which she hoped would include Mayor Tait running for council instead of Mayor. Interesting idea huh? My hope is that the coalition that has supported Mayor Tait, include unlikely Demorat/Union allies, will not turn on him as well.

I’ve never met a man that I have respected and admired more. Someone who fights for what’s right no matter what the cost politically. I’m proud to call him my friend and I am thankful for the opportunity to support his campaign for re-election.

Although Jason Young, the SaveAnaheim blog proprietor who moved from Anaheim to Fullerton earlier this year, claims he no longer runs it, we’ll have to assume these are his words given the lack of attribution.

The Tait-Galloway Swap Scenario is also being touted by the Vern Nelson at the usually execrable Orange Juice Blog. After devoting this first half of his post to convincing readers he is really, truly relevant and in-the-know, that he could have had the announcement scoop, and that he could have been reporting about Galloway’s mayoral plans but withheld the info, Nelson lays out an unreality-based case for Tait standing aside for Galloway and running for mayor instead. Um yeah – because it usually makes sense for the stronger candidate to bow out in favor of the weaker one.

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  1. Surely this city has more qualified candidates for Mayor than having to repeat the same people over and over again. But I guess once you get the “taste of politics” in our blood, you like the power, the recognition, the invites..and don’t want to settle into the less exciting common man/woman syndrome. We need new ideas, new perspectives, less “good ole boy” politics..Please, someone step to to the plate soon and give these two, Tait and Galloway, a run for their money!

  2. Fault lines are already showing on the other blogs.

    This will come down to a question of effective leadership: Who can do it, who can’t.

    Should be a very interesting election year.

  3. IMHO that Save Anaheim screed sounds like Ms. Ward.

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