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“Would I support a power plant if I knew it would make me richer and more beautiful? Why yes, I would!”

Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) – the energy company wishing to build a 400-600MW power plant on OC Water District Property next to Anaheim’s auto mall, the Phoenix Club, the Honda Center and near residential neighborhoods — paid for a poll of Anaheim residents conducted last night by Western State Policy Research.

An alert reader took detailed notes of the poll, which are provided below:

Favorable or Unfavorable:

– Phoenix Club

– Western State Policy Research

– Competitive Power Ventures

– Honda Center

– LA Angels of Anaheim

– Anaheim Chamber of Commerce

– OC Water District


– Most Important Issues in Anaheim

– City on Right or Wrong Track

– Three Favorable News   

– SoCal Energy Supply Concerned


Approve or Disapprove:

– Anaheim Mayor

– Anaheim City Council

– Power Plant + your reason


Make You More or Less Likely to Support the Power Plant:

– Industrial land surrounds the plant

– Only use 1/2 natural site for power plant

– Four tall exhausts

– 15 full time employees paid $1 million per year

– Tax revenue will deliver $3.5million per year to OC community

– Private investment into Anaheim $300 million

– City purchase land use for open land

– $40 million jobs created

– Peaker plant

– Power only helping during summer

– Power company contributes to Anaheim community

– Clean energy being produced

– Anaheim Chamber of Commerce is opposed

– $1.2 million in revenues for Anaheim per year

– Power plant will purchase reclaimed clean drinking water for Anaheim

– Surrounded by building to integrate into community

– Company (CPV) land for plant is close proximity to energy and pipes

– Anaheim public utilities – formerly headed by City Manager Edwards – opposes

– Property tax $590k to Anaheim per year

– $1.7 million to schools in Anaheim per year


Who do you agree with more:

– Survey gave three examples of people with opinions


Oppose or Support:

– OC Water District to lease land to a private company in Anaheim

– Anaheim City Council is considering unjust eminent domain


Competitive Power Ventures will give 10 acre park for city of Anaheim

– What type of park would you prefer?


Which would you prefer:

– 10 acre park or Honda Center parking

– Anaheim City Council to recklessly spend millions of taxpayers’ money to build a park or OC Water District long term lease with a donated park



– Your name

– Your ethnicity

What CPV is doing is testing messaging on its proposal. The potential carrots it tentatively proffers are presented positively while the city’s proposal to buy the land and build a sports park is called “reckless” — and respondents are asked their opinions. CPV will then use these results in their ongoing efforts to lobby the City Council. Plus, they can also use the results to craft mail pieces should CPV choose to play in next year’s mayoral and council elections.

Speaking of lobbying, as noted in a previous post, CPV has been actively working the City Council, hiring a range of public affairs talent, including Glaab & Associates, Probolsky Research (to lobby Councilwoman Kring) and former Anaheim Planning Commissioner Kelly Buffa (to lobby Councilwoman Gail Eastman). The CPV team even reached out to the national Building and Construction Trades Council union to push its Los Angeles-Orange County affiliate to lobby Councilman Jordan Brandman – apparently not realizing that its immaterial whether the power plant is sited on the Ball Road Basin or elsewhere; the trades members will still get jobs.