The Charter Review Committee meets again tonight, as it nears the end of the process. Here’s the agenda and :

– Article VII: Section 701 – Officers and Employees: consider allowing City Manager to appoint City Treasurer, rather than by majority vote of the City Council.

– Article IX – Appointee Boards and Commissions – Library Board (continued)

– Article XII, Section 1216 & 1217 – Fiscal Administration: discussion of repeal of those sections, which pertain to claims filed against the city.

– Discussion and directions regarding next steps required to complete charter review process, including calendar for approval of charter recommendations and outline of final report.

– Consideration of additional meeting dates and/or review of next committee meeting schedule.

Click here to access to current city charter.

It’s also my understanding that legalizing safe and sane fireworks may also be discussed at this meeting; I think that would be a welcome advance of the frontiers of freedom.

I would also suggest the CRC look at amending Section 515 of the charter, which states that the default penalty for violating an ordinance is a misdemeanor, unless the council acts to make it an infraction. To my mind, it ought to be the reverse. in general, it is better for government to conduct itself with a lighter hand. I also think that requiring the council to act positively to make the penalty an ordinance might, generally speaking, compel greater thought and introspection about the ordinances being adopted.