The Orange County Water District has scheduled a special board meeting for Friday at 12:10 to discuss Competitive Power Ventures bid to lease the district’s Ball Road Basin in order build a 400-600MY power plant – bordered by the Santa Ana River, Ball Road and the Anaheim Auto Center.

Click here to see the agenda and here. for the staff report.

The obvious is question is why the need to call a special session to discuss the power plant proposal when the Board’s next regular meeting is only a few days later?

The CPV proposal is being opposed by a growing coalition of Anaheim residents and businesses, who packed last week’s OCWD Board meeting to speak in unified opposition not to additional power generation – which no one questions – but to siting a power plant on the Ball Road Basin.

CPV needs the OCWD Board of Directors to approve a lease by December 12 — which is Edison’s deadline for power generation proposals. If the 10-member OCWD board votes to lease the land to CPV, the power plant proposal goes directly to the California Energy Commission for approval — completely bypassing the City of Anaheim planning/approval process.

Six OCWD directors must vote “yes” to lease the land for a power plant. If five directors vote no, then no power plant on the Ball Road Basin.

To send a message of opposition to the OCWD Board of Directors, click on this link.