Gunfight at the OCTA Corral

The City Selection Committee meets in a few minutes to begin voting on appointments to the governing boards of various regional bodies such as the Orange County Transportation Authority and LAFCO.

As I noted yesterday, one of the OCTA directorships up is the 4th District population-weighted seat, to which Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Gail Eastman was appointed a year ago.

Rumors have been swirling about whether Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait would vote to appoint Eastman, as he did last year. The latest word on the street is that he plans to vote for himself for the seat. Since Anaheim has about 48% of the vote, that would mean Eastman would need the vote of every other 4th District mayor.

Strange days.

UPDATE: Fullerton Mayor Bruce Whitaker just nominated Tait for the seat.

Gail Eastman speaking. Cites her work and experience as an OCTA Director, and points out that The mayor abstains on every OCTA-related item on the Anaheim council agenda by citing he has a conflict of interest.

Tait made no candidate statement other than he had served on the OCTA Board (for a few months in early 2011) and that he would abstain in anything related to the contract that Tait and Associates has with OCTA.

Now they are balloting.

Anaheim, Brea, Fullerton and La Habra voted for Tait. Buena Park and Placentia voted for Eastman. Tait gets the seat, and the 4th District population-weighted seat gets its fifth occupant in four years.

Applause followed the election result in every contest so far – with the stonily silent exception of the 4th District balloting. Not a single clap.

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  1. Gunfight? Come on!

  2. This is the exact divisiveness and petty revenge Tom Tait takes on anyone who doesn’t take his side. Gail Eastman is a class act with a great deal of experience, now OCTA gets to see what a poor sport Tait is when he doesn’t get his way

  3. Another act of kindness.

  4. I’ve been disappointed in Tom Tait as mayor, but always thought he was principled and not a hypocrite.

    I’m sad he proved me wrong.

  5. Tait is proving to the world that his kindness campaign is a mirage – he is a mean spirited man. Sadly for Gail Eastman, now the entire county is aware of his true nature.

  6. Tait’s hypocrisy here is Olympic gold medal level.

    He abstains on every podunk OCTA item on every Anaheim council agenda because HE says he has a conflict of interest.

    But by some Tait voodoo logic it is NOT a conflict for him to a) cast a vote on who will be OCTA director and b) to vote to make himself a boss if the agency with which he has a contract!

    That would be like the Mayor of Anaheim having a contract with Anaheim.

    Tait violated HIS OWN CONFLICT OF INTEREST STANDARD. What a hypocrite!

    10-1 Adam Elmahrek and other Tait toadies ignore this hypocrisy or give it the brush-off treatment.

  7. Tait’s a hypocrite. Tait’s unkind. Tait’s a disappointment. Only in the Pringle bubble does anyone believe such nonsense. The media continually attacks the policies of your pals and praises Tait. God even the OC Register is back on track. God I wonder what it must be like to be in Murray, Eastman, Kring, or Brandman’s shoes.

    • At least Jason admits the Voice is deliberately targeting the council majority.

      How is Fullerton treating you, Jason?

  8. Credit where it is due: Tait is one of the greatest manipulators in recent OC history.

    For those paying attention and the poor lot stuck under his reign in city hall, his instability and rage are self evident. The more I read blogs and the more I see from Ward and Young, the more disturbing it becomes. How anyone can buy into his ‘year of kindness’ or even stomach to read Cynthia’s love letters of devotion to this guy is beyond me.

    • Anaheim Jack, your post is like a breath of fresh air. The Tom Tait I see today is vastly different from the Tom Tait I once knew. Granted that was before he was on the City Council. It seems that once again, perceived power corrupts a “good guy”.

  9. I never stated the Voice of OC is deliberately targeting the council majority.

  10. Interesting how tait’s kindness campaign is mandated on everyone else except for HIm! What a hypocrite and a disgrace of a mayor. Please step done and take Jason young and nasty Cynthia ward with you!!!

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