Gail Eastman kick-offJust a reminder: Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Gail Eastman  is holding a re-election fundraiser this evening from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at the Honda Center’s newly-opened Grand Terrace (2695 E. Katella Avenue, in case you need an address).

RSVP to Jennifer Fitzgerald at (714) 402-3106 or; OR, Download the flyer and make checks payable to: Gail Eastman for Anaheim City Council 2014 and mail to CL7 Communications, Inc., PO Box 10306, Fullerton, CA 92838-0306

You can also fax the above form with credit card information to (714) 459-8165 or email it to

There are two council seats up in November of 2014 – both of them currently held by Eastman and Councilwoman Kris Murray. if Anaheim voters approve a June charter amendment to expand the council from four to six members, there will be two addition (and open) council seats up for grabs. keep in mind that (barring judicial interference), the council elections will be conducted on a from-district basis for the first time. In other words, council candidates will still have to stand before all Anaheim voters, but will be required to live in residency-based districts that will be drawn up by the spring.

Gail Eastman is getting a relatively late-start on her fundraising, but there is every reason to believe she’ll be strongly competitive and a favorite for re-election. She came very close to unseating incumbent Lorri Galloway in her first council run in 2008, and was the top vote-getter in 2010.

It’s still unclear who Mayor Tom Tait will endorse/recruit for his presumptive council slate aimed at unseating Eastman and Murray. The mayor will have his hands full with his own re-election battle against Councilwoman Lucille Kring and former Councilwoman Lorri Galloway, so it remains to be seen how much time, energy and money he can put into such an effort. It’s worth noting that in 2012, his only attempt to target a candidate for defeat (aside from the slow-motion undermining of Steve Chavez Lodge’s candidacy) was a pretty nasty hit piece against Jordan Brandman, funded by family members. Brandman was ultimately the top voter-getter.