PSB SoCal’s “Real Orange” Getting Tossed

The Voice of OC reports that KOCEPBSSOCALWHATEVERITSCALLED will shutter it’s “Real Orange” news program:

PBS SoCaL’s long-running public affairs show “Real Orange” is set to air its last episode by the end of the year, a station spokeswoman told the Orange County Business Journal this week. 

It’s not yet clear what will replace the show nor how much coverage Orange County will get.  The spokeswoman said the move comes as part of an effort to “help move PBS SoCal forward and strengthen the value of the programming that we provide to Southern California.”

Oh well. I guess that means no more slanted, one-sided and erroneous reporting on Anaheim politics on that particular outlet.

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  1. This is what happens when you lie with the dogs….

    PBS SoCal and the Voice of OC marriage, turned off the regular Real Orange viewers (about 12 of us.)

    This demise was early on predicted when PBS continued the inaccuracies of the Voice of OCEA in a claim that they were presenting real news. HA!

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