AUHSD Board Dismisses Superintendent Elizabeth Novack

supt_lizThe Anaheim union High School District Board of Trustees has dismissed Superintendent Elizabeth Novack. I don’t know why, and I have a call into the district PIO for any information she can provide, but the announcement was made last night.

Readers who watched or were at the October 22 meeting of the Anaheim City Council will recall Ms. Novack (an Anaheim High School alumna) being on hand as part of the council’s decision to christen Anaheim as the nation’s first “P21” city.

I’ll post more info as I get it.


  1. Without cause, bought her out.

  2. Elizabeth Novack will be paid her $245,000 annual salary as compensation, along with health and welfare benefits for a year, according to the terms of her employment contract, set to expire in 2015.

  3. How fiscally irresponsible is it for a cash-strapped school district to dismiss a competent superintendent without cause and commit to paying her more than $250,000 for not working?

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    Recall ausd. It was published last night after the board meeting. We will be moving forward with a recall for all three Smith, Jabbar and Randell Trajo.

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