Among the items on tonight’s Charter Review Committee agenda is legalizing safe-and-sane fireworks, which have been illegal in Anaheim as a result of a 1986 initiative that was approved by the voters.

The Charter Review Committee will be asked to approve one of the following:

1)  Amend Section 1214 of the Anaheim Charter to allow the use of fireworks and – if approved by a vote of the people — repeal the existing ban. This would enshrine legalized fireworks in the Charter and necessitate a city-wide vote to repeal it.

2) Don’t amend the Charter but recommend the City Council place a repeal of the fireworks prohibition on the ballot.

3 ) Maintain the status quo.

We have celebrated our freedom and independence with fireworks since the beginning of the Republic. Repealing this ban is in keeping with that tradition, with Anaheim’s “freedom friendly” ethos and continues the trend of Orange County cities ending their 1980s-era bans on safe-and-sane fireworks (such as Westminster and Fullerton).

The agenda report contains a series of recommendations to mitigate fire concerns, such as maintaining the fireworks prohibition in those parts of Anaheim that are south of the 91 Freeway and east of the 55 Freeway.

Hopefully, the CRC will strongly endorse Option 1, which should provide an issue around which the Mayor and City Council can unite.