Tom Tait for Congress?

OK, this is weird:

Tom Tait for Congress

This isn’t a joke, but a bona fide invite that arrived in people’s mail today.

Here’s a link to the PDF of the invite.

Since the invite says to make checks payable to “Tom Tait for Mayor 2014,” I suspect this is a whopper of a typo. His fundraiser, Phyllis Schneider (whom I have known for many years and does very good work) is also doing the fundraising for Sup. John Moorlach’s campaign for the 45th Congressional District (the seat from which Rep. John Campbell is retiring), so I suspect that is the source of the “Tait for Congress” headline.


  1. What a riot. And speaking of riots, why stop at Anaheim when he could oversee the destruction of all of California with one fell swoop of a congretional seat. As Obama has injured this country so has Tait injured the City of Anaheim. Tait/Obama – Obama/Tait… As Hillary would say, “What difference does it make?”

  2. In any event, Republican Mayor Tom Tait will get a lot of support from conservatives. Did y’ll hear? He got a standing ovation at the Orange County Republican Party’s Central Committee Meeting last month.

  3. George and Daniel – name one thing that Tait has actually accomplished in the 13 total years he’s served on the city council – not rhetoric but actual accomplishments on behalf of the city that he lead from beginning to end…take as long as you want to think about it, the answer is nothing.

    • Proud Colonist you must have been asleep for the past 13 years. Mr. Tait has been associated with may great programs to improve our great city. Example, his acts of kindness program. He is now working with the local churches to help solve the growing homeless population in Anaheim.

  4. George – the acts of kindness program is all rhetoric, it isn’t a program or even a policy. Taking credit for others acts of kindness is not leadership. Again, many churches for years have been working with the homeless in Anaheim – this is not a Tom Tait intiative from beginning to end. How many helpings of Kool-Aid have you had?

    • It sounds like all you say is rhetoric. You need to look at the actual acts of people not what someone else has told you to believe. Also, Mr. Tait is trying to do what others have not been able to accomplish in the Faith based community over the past years. He now has the Faith based community, city and the police department working together to solve the homeless problem. Whether you want to believe it or not things are getting better and will continue to with Mr. Tait’s leadership. What will you say when the current situation improves? That he didnot do anything again? You would be wrong again. Instead of criticising what he hasn’t done, why don’t you volunteer to help solve the problem.

      • I have volunteered in my neighborhood for decades and all I’ve seen from Tom Tait during his length of office is rhetoric. I’ve not seen him serve in any substantive way in our community in or out of office. You are mistaken on the notion that Tait is leading the faith based community and it is a disservice to those leaders that you claim they weren’t doing anything before he was mayor. You are the one clinging to rhetoric and that’s your prerogative. People who are seriously engaged in Anaheim believe that Tait talks a good game but does not follow through with any serious actions to back up his lofty statements.

        • Also, Tom Tait does not work with the police department he works against them which is why the rank and file are supporting Lucille Kring for Mayor.

          • How’d Kring vote on the last cop pension issue?

            Oh, right. UNIONS FOR KRING!

            • Setting the record straight: She voted for pension reform and tait voted against it after voting for 3@50 when he was last on the council. Check your facts – And Tait was more than happy to take police and fires endorsement during his last election so your slams on unions ring hollow.

              • Oh DID she now? She voted for pension reform?

                Let’s see it. Show me her options, show me where she did not chose to give the maximum benefit to union members, then we’ll talk.

                It wasn’t a slam on unions. It was a slam against elected officials who loudly proclaim endorsements from people to whom they cut big fat public money checks during their tenure.

                Big difference.

                • *choose.

                  • Why don’t you back up your claims that she is cutting big fat checks for their endorsements – nice how you make these allegations against Lucille Kring and are silent on the Mayor’s vote for 3 @ 50 or the fact that his part time secretary contributes less to her pension for admin work than police or fire or all other representated employees in Anaheim working full time to keep residents safe. How about the fact that he voted for 3@50 and then took their endorsements for Mayor? It’s total crickets from your crowd when he ran last time and nothing but praise when he votes against pension reforms to reduce the 3@50 that he put in place as a council member. The supporters of Mayor Tait are all double talk – blissfully ignoring his hypocrisy on this and many employee issues.

                    • You’re clearly confused. I don’t have a crowd nor have I claimed to support Tait. I’m not sure what your obsession is in demanding I join a “team”, but you aren’t making your side look all that attractive– but if pigeonholing makes you feel better . . .

                      I think Ms. Kring’s votes and subsequent endorsements speak for themselves. This thread is about a humorous oversight on an invitation, so perhaps we should save the gauntlet slapping for later.

                      Today we have a Power plant to fry. Lets focus on that.

          • You need to learn to speak about what you know is the truth. I am the head of the Anaheim Faith based Homeless collabrative, and Mr. Tait as wek=ll as the Chiefof Police are working as members of this commitee. I appriciate your comments, but lets keep them to the truth not rhetoric.

            • George. Thank you for your service for the homeless in our community. I’m pleased to hear the mayor is attending some committee meetings with the chief but that does not make him the leader of something that was happening organically. Our churches in Anaheim have been serving the homeless for years and we have an entire council that participates on the county’s poverty task force and other programmatic boards to help alleviate the impacts and help those who are homeless. My initial question was to list one thing the mayor has lead from beginning to end and attending committee meetings doesn’t qualify in my book. Nice that he is supporting but not an initiative, policy, or program he has lead. In our community we equate service with rolling up your sleeves and actually helping.

  5. “Support the re-election”? – To congress?? He hasn’t BEEN in congress – this looks faked to me.

  6. Stand For Anaheim

    I wish he would go to Congress and get out of Anaheim

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